5 Common Myths Related To Diabetes Busted


For years, we have been hearing that consuming sugar increases chances of diabetes. You will be surprised to know that this belief has just turned out to be a myth. There are some more common beliefs about diabetes, which modern science has proved that they are just a myth and nothing else. Let us tell you here what those myths are.

1. Too much sugar intake results in diabetes

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How many times have you heard this sentence that don’t eat too many sweets otherwise you will suffer from diabetes. Next time if somebody tells you sugary things cause diabetes, tell him/her that fatty foods that increase weight actually cause diabetes not just sugary foods. Yes, sugary foods can increase weight and increase chances of diabetes. But sugar is not the only cause of diabetes, being overweight is the biggest cause.

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2. Diabetes is transmittable

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Some people tend to think that they will catch diabetes like a common cold or flu, no it is not so. Diabetes can be passed through a genetic or inheritance link.

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3. Being a diabetic, I can never eat sweets

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Don’t worry, you can eat your favorite sweets, but in balanced proportions that if you are suffering from diabetes. Yes, this is true that diabetic people find problems in absorbing glucose, but if they will keep a watch on the food they eat, they can balance their sugar level easily. Dieticians say that little amounts of sweets filled with a healthy diet and exercises work fine for a diabetic person.

4. It is easy to diagnose high blood sugar level

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Some people have a belief that it is easy to tell when their sugar level is high and when it is low. No, it is not possible to diagnose small escalations in blood sugar levels unless not tested in the laboratory. So it is best to get your sugar level tested in the laboratory than making oral guesses. There are some symptoms associated with a high sugar level in blood including hunger, weight loss and fatigue etc., but these symptoms can be the reason of some other disorder as well.

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5. Diabetic people are not supposed to do rigorous exercise

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If you are in the category of people who believe that Physical exercise is not good for diabetic people, then you are absolutely wrong. Medicos say that Physical exercise is actually good for Diabetic people. It burns fat, reduces stress, keeps a check on cholesterol level, and regulates blood sugar level. Otherwise, you may suffer from heart, nervous and immune system to risk.

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