5 Effective Tips To Prevent Hair Fall


Hair is the crown of every girl. It may not be studded with precious stones but is just as precious and treasured as a real crown. And nothing could be worse than slowly losing that crown without even knowing the actual reason behind it. I am talking about hair fall. Hair fall has become such a common problem these days. The reasons which may lead to hair fall may vary from genetic to environmental to medical. But there are some effective tips which can help you in preventing hair fall and improving hair growth. Below we have mentioned 5 effective tips to prevent hair fall.

1. Eat healthy- This may sound very repetitive but this is one of the most important factors which greatly affects your well-being in terms of everything. So when it comes to your hair it is no exception. Your hair is a growing part of your body and thus it requires nutrients in order to maintain its proper health. Our hair is made up of protein and thus it is very important to include ample amount of proteins in our diet to keep our hair healthy. Food items such as dairy products, beans, pulses, soy and nuts are great for the healthy growth of hair. Food items rich in essential fatty acids are also great for your hair. These add lustre and shine to your hair and prevent hair from getting dry and brittle. Avoid eating junk food as much as possible and maintain a clean and healthy diet.

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2. Avoid stress- This may seem like an impossible task but if you want to maintain a healthy mane try to avoid stress as much as possible. Try different ways to unwind and keep stress at bay. Do yoga, dancing, singing or anything which helps you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

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3. Maintain proper hair care- A proper hair care is very important in order to maintain thick and shiny hair. Just as you follow a proper skincare routine in order to ensure that your skin stays healthy and clear, similarly you must follow a proper haircare routine for your hair as well. Make sure to wash and condition your hair twice a week. Oil your hair before shampooing and don’t forget to deep condition your hair every once in a week to restore the lost moisture in the hair shaft.

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4. Avoid using too many products- You may have heard that too many cooks spoil the broth. It is the same for hair care too. If you use too many products on your hair you are doing no good to your hair. A proper hair care should include a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning mask, serum and hair oil. You don’t really need anything else for your hair. Just make sure that all the products you use are meant for your hair type.

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5. Try onion juice for hair growth- Onion juice is great for hair growth as it contains a larger amount of sulphur in it which helps in increasing the rate of your hair growth. The form of sulphur found in onions is very well absorbed by the scalp while helping in the formation of keratin which helps in improving the hair growth to a great level. You can extract the juice from the onion and massage it directly into the scalp or you can also mix it with olive or coconut oil and then massage your scalp with it. Wash off the onion juice after 40-50 minutes’ post application. Repeat this remedy once a week for a few months in order to get results.

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