7 Simple Things Are Making Your Makeup Dirty


Makeup is nothing less than an investment especially with the hefty price tags that these makeup products come with. Since you are spending so much of your hard earned money, you must keep them safe. There are several factors which may affect the quality of the products thus you have to take special care of them. We have mentioned some of the factors which are actually making your makeup dirty, both on and off the skin.

1. Dirty fingers- Using your hands for applying makeup on the face may sound like a very convenient idea. But if you are using dirty fingers to blend the makeup on your face you are blending in a lot of bacteria as well in your skin. Thus before you start putting on makeup on your face with your hands make sure to wash your hands really well with an antibacterial soap and wipe them with a clean towel. Once your hands are dry you can start applying the makeup.

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2. Dirty brushes- Makeup brushes make our job so much easier and convenient. But what do we do for them? The least we can do is to wash them once in a week so that they stay clean and bacteria free. But seldom do we do that. In order to make sure that your brushes do not become the playground of bacteria make it a point to wash your brushes once a week with baby shampoo and warm water. Keep the brushes on a clean towel and let them air dry overnight. Clean brushes ensure a smooth makeup application and a clear skin.

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3. Exposing makeup to high temperatures- Just as your food goes bad when exposed to high temperature your makeup too has the tendency to go bad when exposed to high temperatures. Leaving or storing your makeup near the TV or in the car may ruin the makeup. The texture and colour of the makeup may get affected. This may also lead to the growth of bacteria. Thus make sure to store your makeup in a cool and dry place.

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4. Keeping very old products- When it comes to makeup we never pay too much attention to the expiry date of the same. But like everything else makeup too gets bad and can be used for a certain time period only. The ingredients which prevent the growth of bacteria in the product starts to break down with time, ultimately leading to the growth of bacteria. When you apply these products on your face, they lead to skin problems such as acne, rashes, eye infections, etc. So if you haven’t used a makeup product for a few months or it has passed its expiry date, just throw them away.

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5. Sharing makeup- There are certain makeup products that are not meant to be shared, such as your eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and the likes. Not even with your best friend or mother. It may not seem like a very big deal but makeup that goes anywhere near your eyes especially may spread and catch bacteria very quickly. Thus it is better to avoid this situation.

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6. Using the makeup after an infection- Another thing that you must avoid doing is using makeup during or just after recovering from an infection especially an eye infection. The bacteria from the eye may travel to the makeup product with the application or the dirt or bacteria in the makeup product may worsen your infection even more. Thus it is advisable to avoid using makeup products during this time. Also, remember to wash all your makeup brushes after recovering from it.

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7. Keeping your makeup bag dirty- This may not have a huge impact on the quality of your makeup. But think of your makeup as an investment and thus you must keep it in a clean makeup bag. Every once in a while remove everything from your makeup bag and clean it with an anti-bacterial wipe or if it is made up of cloth wash it with detergent and warm water.

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