5 Kinds of Acne – Which Type you Have?


Acne generally occurs in teen years but a lot of people suffer from acne in adulthood as well. Acne is caused due to hormonal imbalance. Sebaceous glands secrete more oil and pores of skin become enlarged. Oil and bacteria clogs pores and skin inflammation results in acne.

5 Kinds of Acne – Which Type you Have

What type of acne do you have? Are you worried about permanent damage to your skin? Can you treat your acne type? These are some questions that dermatologists answer daily. Just continue to read on in order to know different types of acne:

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These are some raised, small, firm bumps that appear in groups on skin. A papule develops when hair follicles on the skin gets irritated or inflamed. Papules can be tender or sore. Don’t pick or touch pimples as it only promotes spreading.


Papules when filled with pus become pustules. A pustule is a kind of whitehead. Avoid squeezing pustules as it may leave marks on face. Pustules are also known as zits and are painful when touched.

Closed Comedones

It is another kind of whitehead. The pores get clogged with pus and small opening, which results in a whitehead.

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Open Comedones

They are also known as blackheads. The clogged pores appear black due to debris and visible oil that darkens with exposure to air. This generally appears on T- zone and on chin and nose.

Cysts and Nodules

Cysts and Nodules
These are more severe forms of acne vulgaris. Acne nodules are red, firm lesions which extend deep inside skin and cause inflammation, pain and itching. In severe cases, it causes scarring as well. When firm nodules are filed with blood or pus, they are known as cysts. If left untreated, they remain on weeks on your skin.

It is very important to know which type of acne you suffer from because different type of acne have different treatment regimen. So, know your type of acne and get it treated before it gets too late!!

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