5 Proven Homemade Face Masks To Remove Blackheads


The skin is very sensitive to weather change and needs extra care during such transition. Are you set to combat the cold weather? Winter is known to cause dry and rough skin as it takes away moisture. Dirt, pollution and dust even worsen the condition. The poor skin takes the rut of these harsh environmental factors.

If you are suffering from blackheads and planning to get these pinched with blackhead remover, stop there! You not need to go through such pain. You are having the top remedy in your kitchen. Here are a few easy solutions to make effective blackhead removal masks which can be prepared to keep away the blackheads.

1. Oatmeal and Honey


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This is one of the easiest blackhead removers to be used on various skin types. You need to add a cup of oatmeal to half cup of honey to prepare a consistent paste. Then wash the face and use it on the face using your clean hands. Wait for about 10 minutes and let this dry. Then wash it with cold water. While washing, slowly exfoliate this in the circular motion in the affected areas. You need to repeat this process three times a week to get best results.

2. Papaya and Oatmeal


Take one ripe papaya and 1/2 cup of oatmeal. Grind the papaya to make a thick paste and then mix the oatmeal in it. Now, mash these well to prepare a mixture. Then add one pinch of haldi and apply the paste on the face and allow it to dry for some minutes. Once it dries, antioxidants in papaya help cleanse your skin and fight damaging actions of free radicals. The fibers of oatmeal exfoliate skin to get rid of all dead skin cells and the blackheads. Wash the face with some cold water and then pat dry. Repeat this process two times a week to prevent the pesky blackheads.

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3. Berries and Lemon


This recipe is a tasty one. The statutory warning would be that do not lick this mask when it is on your face. It is thought to be an efficient blackhead removal process used in all households. You need one cup of blueberry and some fresh lime. We are using lemon because vitamin C in this fruit helps rejuvenate the skin and the antioxidants in berries help fight the free radicals on the skin.

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4. Gram Flour And Milk


This old technique is a proven remedy which never fails to show the benefits. The gram flour as well as milk are been used for a long time. This is the reason we trust this great technique which work wonders on skin. Therefore, we like to re-introduce its goodness again. You need to include a spoon of honey to 1/2 cup of milk. Then add a cup of the gram flour to this. Mix well to get a consistent paste. Then apply this paste on the face. Keep it for 10 minutes.

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5. Coconut Water and Gram Flour


One cup of gram flour and a cup of coconut water can do magic! You need to mix both the ingredients into a paste. Add one pinch of the turmeric. Then apply paste over your face. Now, leave there for about 10 minutes and then rub it using circular motion after it is dried. Then wash it using the cold water. Repeat this trick three times a week to prevent the blackheads. Turmeric has anti-microbial properties that keep your skin clean. The coarseness of this gram flour exfoliates skin and coconut water maintains pH of skin.

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