5 lovely Back Hand Mehndi Designs


Applying Mehndi over the hands is a very common practice and women not just from India but all around the world follow this act. Henna gives a brownish shade and it looks extremely pretty over the hands of a lady and not just the appearance but its fragrance is very much appealing too. At the wedding functions and other occasions as well, I am sure many of you girls like to apply Henna and flaunt it all around. Here, I will guide you through different types of designs that you can refer at the time you wish to apply Mehndi on the back of your hands.

1. Arabic Mehndi Design:

The Arabic Mehndi is very common these days and the best part about this pattern is that, it can be applied for any type of occasion. It’s the other name for simplicity, elegance and soberness. It consists of flowers and leaves for most of the times, in this the whole hand is not covered with the Henna, only a significant one is enclosed. This design on the back of the hand is very organized and not just the bride but her bride’s mate can wear it too.

Mehndi DesignImage Source: pinimg

2. Animal Figures:

This type of backhand design is again very popular, girls you can now shape the pictures of animals over your hands. Like in this example, it’s a peacock and the pattern is very neatly designed, extending from the wrist to the fingers. This design is more about creativity and that is the reason that many times people follow the patterns of a human as well.

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Mehndi Design1

3. Accessorize the Mehndi:

This is really a funky design and it looks great especially at wedding functions. You might think that there is a great hard work required in it, but in real it’s not so. All you need to do is to carve a beautiful Mehndi design over the backhand and then draw the outline with black colour in order to highlight it. You can accessorize it with beautiful flowers or lovely beads of different shades. This will give a glamorous look to your henna design and you will turn out to be the spotlight of the function.

Mehndi Design2Image Source: wordpress

4. Glitter Mehndi:

This practice has changed the way the traditional brown coloured Henna used to look like. In this modern world, where everything goes mix and match, the Mehndi designs have evolved to a great extent too. Now we can add more life and sparkle to our hands by using glitters in the Mehndi design. There are dozens of glitter designs that one can carve over the hand. Starting from simple golden, silver, green or red to complex multi-colored glitter patterns. This type of design is best suited for the bride, though there is no as such restriction as many times, girls make this funkier by creating pictures of butterflies, flowers or peacocks over the back of their hands.

Mehndi Design3

5. Abstract Mehndi Design:

This one is the most common one and in this case the hand is covered completely with the beautiful designs of Mehndi. Though could be done in any of the occasions but it is best suited for all the traditional functions.

Mehndi Design4

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