5 Perfect Blouse for Every Body Type


We Indians love wearing sarees especially in wedding occasions of our near and dear ones. Not only sarees are a symbol of tradition and culture, but it also looks so gorgeous if draped in a right fashion. While wearing a saree, there are many things to be kept in mind to make the whole look complete and beautiful; and one of them is the stunning blouse piece. They are available in various designs, thanks to the ever-evolving trends in fashion.

Wearing the perfect fitting and design of a saree blouse is important for every type of body style. Hence, donning an ideal blouse can compliment any personality and body type, be it a plus size or a size zero. So, here are some tips to choose the quintessential blouse for your body type to rock the party:

1. Top Heavy Body Shape: Many Indian women are blessed with a heavy bust. But, they too have to choose smartly as to which blouse will be suiting to their personality. My personal suggestion is to avoid the heavy-necked blouse because it will only make your upper torso wider and not good. Also, stay away from deep neck blouses but you can choose a backless blouse instead. Light-weighted fabrics like satin, georgette and crepe are a good option to opt for while making a perfect blouse. You can go plain and subtle with the blouse and avoid prints too.

Perfect Blouse for Every Body Type1Image Source: bollywoodshaadis

2. Small Bust Body Shape: They are lucky to have such figure because there are several styles of blouses for them. The only thing is that to make their figure look fuller, they can wear a padded blouse and heavy embroidered frontal and the neck. You can also opt for halter-neck blouse and look gorgeous as ever. Use heavy fabric like silk or velvet.

Perfect Blouse for Every Body Type2Image Source: idiva

3. Athletic Slim Body Shape: They are God-gifted girls and any kind of blouse will look perfect on them. Be it a corset blouse, or backless, or deep necked, or even full sleeved, you can look jaw-dropping gorgeous. You can rock any party with your style.

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4. Broad Shoulder Body Shape: The broad-shouldered ladies often get confused as to choosing their style of a saree blouse. They can show off their beautiful arms and try to show their best features forward. Avoid the thin straps and opt for a wide neckline and short sleeves, and you’re good to go on any wedding function without getting uncomfortable.

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5. Voluptuous Body Shape: It’s not that they can’t look good in sarees, they just have to select the right fabric and the design of the saree blouse. Wearing a quarter or full sleeved blouse can make a fine balance in their figure and will not look awry at all. Along with that, you can also wear a deep necked blouse and look sexy in saree. Avoid heavy fabric and puffed sleeves because it will highlight your broad figure.

Perfect Blouse for Every Body Type5Image Source: bollywoodshaadis

So, fix-up your appointment with the boutique near you and get a perfect blouse stitched for your saree and look beautiful like never before.