5 Pro Tips to Avoid Lipstick Stains


Tired of being embarrassed by the lipstick stains you leave on the glassware? Your vibrant lip colours look good only when they are confined to your lips. Your dress stained with lipstick doesn’t look flattering. So let these mesmerizing colours stay on your lips. So here are some pro tips to prevent your lipstick getting transferred.

1. Use a Lip Liner
Nowadays a trend has sparked up of using lip liner as a lipstick. You have to try, only then you’ll believe such a brilliant idea it is. But here we are talking about lining your lips with the lip liner before applying lipstick. The lip liner is comparatively drier in texture to avoid the lip colour from bleeding or getting smudged.

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2. Apply Lip Primer
The lip primers help your lipstick to stay longer. It gives a high definition colour to your lips and also improves the lasting power of your lipstick.

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3. Blot Your Lipstick
You can blot the extra amount of lipstick with a blotting paper or a tissue paper. After applying your lipstick blot a tissue paper on your lipstick to get rid of the extra product. This extra lipstick is often responsible for staining and bleeding.

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4. Apply Powder
Just like you can blot the excess oil from your face using compact powder, you can make your lipstick stay on your lips using the same. Apply a thin layer of translucent powder on your lips after applying lipstick. Gently brush it away to give a matte look.

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5. Use a Foundation
In place of lip primer, you can use your foundation to prevent your lipstick from getting transferred. Apply a layer of foundation prior to your lipstick. Apply the lipstick on top of it. This will prevent your lip colour from transferring or staining.

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