5 Side Effects of Hair Rebonding You Didn’t Know!


Nothing beautiful comes without an array of side effects. There is a cost to everything, nothing comes for free. If you want your curly mop hair to look sleeky straight you can go for chemical hair rebonding. But it is completely safe for your hair, this can’t be assured. No hair treatment comes without their share of disadvantages. Hair rebonding can give you the silky shiny hair you always desired for, but now without a cost. Before going for hair rebonding, you would like to know certain drawbacks associated with hair rebonding. Check them out before visiting the salon…

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1. Hair Becomes Weak and Sensitive
Gone will be the days when you comb and pull your hair the way you want. during the first month of rebonding you won’t be able to tie your hair in a bun or a pony. You can’t even tuck your hair behind your ears. So, bear the brunt of flat open hairs for months. No styling at all!

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2. Damage to the Scalp
The heat used to set the hair straight can damage your scalp. In some case, the scalp even gets burnt. Too much exposure to chemicals for a long time can also be disastrous for your hair health.

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3. Regular Touch Ups Required
At least within the six months after the treatment, you’ll be required to go for a touch up. Frequent visits to the salon will be a usual affair.

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4. Loss of Hair
The toxic chemicals used to set the hair straight also causes hair fall. Your hair shaft will get weaker. Even a mild pull can draw your hair strand out of its roots.

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5. Frizzy Hair Afterward
When not taken care of, your hair will become frizzy. So, you need to follow the set of instructions given by your salon expert. Even if the hair rebonding process is not done correctly, your hair can result in utmost disaster.

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