5 Simple Home Remedies for Cold


With the changing season, it is customary to get caught with cough and cold. While the allopathic medicines have several side effects, one has to resort to home remedies for quick relief. Home remedies are expensive, quick and completely safe. So instead of simply popping a pill, one should try some home remedies to treat their illness.

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Here are simple home remedies which you can use to get quick relief from cold and clogged nose.

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1. Honey & Ginger
Honey is the natural antibiotic. It soothes your throat and ginger fights the infection. The combination of ginger and honey has been used since ancient time to treat cough and cold. Mix some honey and ginger juice and eat it.

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2. Turmeric
This all-rounder spice is used to treat many diseases at a time. If you have a bulb of turmeric, burn it from one end and inhale the smoke. If the bulb isn’t available, you can boil some turmeric powder in milk and drink it.

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3. Flaxseeds, Lemon Juice & Honey
Flaxseeds works wonders for cough and cold. Boil some flaxseeds in water and take some water in a boil. Add some lemon juice and honey to it. Drink it twice a day.

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4. Jaggery
Boil water and black pepper. Add some cumin to it and then boil it again. Add some jaggery and mix it well. Consume this liquid.

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5. Masala Chai
If you’re a tea lover, we’ll ask you to have modification in your regular cup of tea. Boil some clove, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper with your regular tea. You can also add some honey to it.

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