5 Things You Didn’t Know About Threading!


Threading is the most common method to get your brows in shape. It is the best method of epilation that has been used by the women of Middle East Asia since centuries. The method is so much in demand that even the western part of the world is following the trend. Threading involves removing the hair from the brow using a thread twisted into a bow shape. But there are few facts that the women don’t know about threading. Thus, the next time you sit on the chair to get your hair pulled, recall these facts.

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1. Threading scores more than waxing: Women have now an option for eyebrow waxing for quicker hair removal. But let me tell you, threading is the better method to shape your brows than waxing. Threading involves removing the hair one by one, this means you have a better control on shaping the eyebrows. On the other hand, waxing pulls many hair at a time. There are more chances of mistakes with waxing.

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2. Waxing pulls a bunch of hair at the time. There are chances that more than intended hair can be pulled out in the course of waxing. This can be dangerous and lead to brow disasters. Choose threading if your brow is too much out of shape.

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3. During threading, the hair is pulled out from the root. It ensures you a smooth eyebrow or upper lips for nearly two weeks. This doesn’t happen in the case of waxing.

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4. Waxing, if not done properly can lead to pulling out of the skin. it can cause injury or infections. Some people also complain of pimples after waxing. Threading is safer in comparison to waxing.

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5. Waxing requires you to grow the hair to a certain length. It is not capable of pulling out the minor growth. On the other hand, you can epilate even the tiniest of the hair using the thread. Thus, threading is more detailed than waxing.

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