5 Ways to Make Your Mehndi Darker!


Monsoon is synonymous to greenery. In India, monsoon is said to be incomplete if we don’t talk about mehndi. Isn’t it? The colours of henna depict the joy and exhilaration of women. Colours have been used since ages to remind us of hope and the good days. This is the reason why here in India, each and every girl decorates her hands with mehndi. It is considered to be auspicious and have many scientific explanations supporting the ritual.

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Darker the colour of the mehndi, better it is. Some women also related intensity of the colour to the love of a woman’s husband. Many more such tales that narrate, dark coloured mehndi is considered to be auspicious. So if your mehndi never comes out to rich and dark, then no need to worry. There are many old and tested ways to darken the mehndi in just few minutes.

1. Clean Your Hands Before Applying Mehndi
Many have the habit to apply mehndi on the dirty hands. clean your hands with a mild cleanser and then start the mehndi. Don’t apply any lotion or oil before applying mehndi on your palms.

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2. Use Sugar and Lemon Tonic
To make the mehndi stay longer on your palms, prepare a solution of lemon and sugar beforehand. When the mehndi dries off on your palms, then dip a cotton in the solution and dab it gently on your mehndi. The sticky sugar will make the mehndi stay longer on your hand which intensifies the colour of your mehndi.

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3. Don’t Use Water on Your Hands
After cleaning the mehndi, don’t use water on that hand. Rub both of your palms together to get rid of the mehndi. Don’t use water.

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4. Take Steam Using Cloves
When you remove your mehndi, take 5 cloves and roast it on a tawa. When the smokes rise from it, place your hands above the cloves. Don’t touch the cloves as it might burn your hands.

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5. Mustard Oil
After removing the mehndi, apply some mustard oil on your hands. The heat of the oil will make your mehndi dark and intense.

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