6 Effective Tricks To Get Rid Of Dark Circles


Dark circles may occur due to several reasons. So even if you are taking your beauty sleep, chances are that you may still have to deal with those nasty dark circles. There are several other reasons apart from lack of sleep which may lead to dark circles. Below we have mentioned some of the tricks which may help you in getting rid of dark circles easily.

1. Pay attention to your diet- One of the reasons which can give you the appearance of dark circles are puffy eyes. Puffy eyes create a shadow under your eyes giving you the appearance of dark circles. Puffy eyes are often the result of eating too much of salty or processed food items. These food items cause fluid retention which causes puffiness under the eyes. Alcohol too is one of the reasons which causes puffiness. The only way to reduce this puffiness is to avoid putting too much salt and alcohol in your body.

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2. Rubbing your eyes- A lot of people have this habit of rubbing their eyes too often. But they are not aware of the fact that this constant rubbing may lead to dark circles. This happens because of the friction created by all the rubbing. So if you have the habit of rubbing your eyes all the time then this is probably the reason behind those pesky dark circles. The only way to prevent the dark circles, in this case, is to stop the constant rubbing.

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3. Improper fluid drainage- When you sleep flat at night, the fluids do not get proper drainage and may get accumulated under the eye area and lead to puffy eyes, thus giving the appearance of dark circles. The best way to get rid of the dark circles is by keeping extra pillows under your head. This will ensure proper drainage of the fluids.

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4. Use sunscreen- The sun too is one of the most common and unknown factors which may lead to dark circles. Just as the rest of your face you under eye area too is exposed to the sun and this exposure may lead to the dark circles. The only way to prevent this is by applying a sunscreen on the under eye area as well as by wearing sunglasses, for added protection.

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5. Be gentle- Applying too much pressure or tugging too much on your under eye area may lead to dark circles or skin pigmentation. Thus when putting any under eye concealer or eye cream you must use your ring finger to apply and blend the product as it is the weakest of all and applies the minimum pressure. Minimum pressure along with less friction is what you need for the delicate under eye area.

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6. Tea bags- What do you usually do with the tea bags after brewing yourself a cup of tea? Probably throw it away in the dustbin. But did you know that these used tea bags can help in fading away the dark circles? All you have to do is keep the used tea bags in the freezer for 10 minutes and then take them out. Lie down, close your eyes and place the chilled tea bags on your eyes for 15 minutes or till the tea bags are cold. The antioxidants from the tea bags reduce the dark circles and the cold compress reduces puffiness and get rid of any fluid retention.

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