6 Effective Ways to Prevent Hair Fall During Pregnancy


During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes various physical and hormonal changes that can affect each and every part of the body. Every woman has a unique pregnancy. For some ladies, it can lead to acne, pigmentation and for some, it can cause hair loss. Well, it is very common to suffer from hair loss during pregnancy. But, if you wish to prevent hair loss and maintain bouncy and shiny hair during pregnancy, then you should definitely check these simple hacks. Here are some ways to prevent hair fall during pregnancy.

1. Always condition your hair after every wash

Always condition your hair after every washImage Source: lionessebeautybar

Conditioning your hair is a must after washing your hair, and it is also important that the conditioner that you use suits your hair. But, if you have a dull and lifeless looking hair, then the only conditioner may not be enough for your mane. So, it is advised that you should opt for hair products that contain silicone as it helps to add shine to your mane.

2. Always massage your scalp before hair wash

Always massage your scalp before hair washImage Source: huffingtonpost

Always massage your scalp before washing your hair as it helps in stimulating blood circulation and boosts your scalp health. Besides this, it is also suggested that you should use warm water in place of cold and hot water for hair wash.

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3. Eat healthy food

Eat healthy foodImage Source: aarp

Consuming nutritious and healthy diet containing a high amount of vegetables, fruit, and nuts, is very important during pregnancy. There are chances that you may suffer biotin and zinc deficiency during pregnancy which can lead to hair loss. So, it is suggested to keep your diet healthy and to take supplements suggested by your doctor.

4. Indulge in relaxing activities

 Indulge in relaxing activitiesImage Source: freepik

Stress is known as the root cause of many health problems, and during pregnancy, too much stress can lead to hair loss. So, it is advised that you should indulge yourself in relaxing activities like listening to soothing music, yoga, massages at the salon, etc.

5. Avoid over-brushing your mane

Avoid over-brushing your maneImage Source: schwarzkopf

There are many people who say brushing your hair over and over helps to increase the luster of hair. But, it’s a big myth. While hard bristles can lead entanglement, which leads to hair loss. Still, it is advised that you should avoid over-brushing your hair. Also, avoid combing hair when the hair is wet because at that time your hair is the weakest.

6. Avoid using hair colors

Avoid using hair colorsImage Source: healthfreedoms

Coloring your hair during pregnancy is acceptable but using harsh colors that can lead to drastic change in your hair color is not advisable because for this, you need to keep bleach on your hair for a longer period of time. It is also said that frequent coloring of hair can damage your hair. Still, if you want to color your hair, then opt for henna. And don’t forget to trim your mane regularly to avoid split ends and it will also make you look confident mom-to-be.

So, these were the few ways to prevent hair fall during pregnancy.

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