6 Fashion Hacks for Short Girls to Look Taller In Saree!


Saree is the most cherished and significant fashion tradition which we’ve inherited from our forefathers. Though many modulations have been made in the traditional saree but still the elegance of this 9 yards remains the same. Sarees can be worn by women of all sizes, but the ones with shorter frame find it really hard to carry them.

So come let’s break the stereotype that short girls can’t wear saree. Here are few fashion hacks for short girls to look taller in saree.

1. Thin Borders
Sarees with thick borders are a big no-no for short girls. Broad borders make the saree look more prominent thus hiding your own frame. Smaller girls should wear the sarees with sleek borders.

Fashion Hacks for Short Girls1Image Source: wp

2. Small Prints
Large prints and patterns should be avoided by you if you’re a short girl. Small prints and designs distract the attention of the viewers from the size.

Fashion Hacks for Short Girls2Image Source: outfit4girls

3. Vertical Stripes
Just like the fashion commandments for other clothes, this holds true for the saree as well. Vertical stripes create an illusion of a taller frame while the horizontal ones make you look fat.

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4. Blouse
Wear blouse with lighter embellishments. If you’re wearing a completely plain saree, then wear a blouse with light embellishments. Wear a blouse that fits well to your frame.

Fashion Hacks for Short Girls4Image Source: hdwallpapersrocks

5. The Length
Make sure that your petticoat reaches your ankle and the saree reaches below your ankle. Your feet shouldn’t be visible as it draws the attention to your legs and makes you look shorter.

Fashion Hacks for Short Girls5Image Source: amazonaws

6. Footwear
Wear a good pair of heels. Don’t you think the heels are the wonderful inventions for the short girls? So make judicious use of them!

Fashion Hacks for Short Girls6Image Source: ytimg