6 Wedding Jewelry Shopping Tips for Budget Savvy Brides


Every bride-to-be plans everything in advance for her wedding. From attire to makeup and even the jewelry. As we all know this fact that jewelry plays a very important role in the Indian bridal look, some brides even purchase the most expensive jewelry to look stunning.

However, there are also some brides who are budget savvy and look for the options that suit their budget. These brides always seek for value for the expenditure incurred. Well, this seems quite tricky, but it is not impossible. So, in this article, we have shared some wedding jewelry shopping tips that can help you a lot.

1. Sort the jewelry budget first

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When you start shopping for your wedding, half of your budget is spent on the wedding lehenga and the second most expensive thing on the list is the jewelry. So, it is advised that you should always sort your expenses first. In this way, you can purchase the one which falls within your budget.

2. Go for interchangeable jewelry

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This is the best tip to save money and get new looks. When you visit the jewelry, try to find a mix and match jewelry that you can use in multiple ways. Like, a necklace that you wear as a bracelet or an earring that you use as a maang tika.

3. Take jewelry on rent

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There are many brides who think that buying jewelry for a wedding is a complete waste. Then, these brides can use this tip. Taking wedding jewelry on rent is a good option to save money. Just make sure that you choose jewelry that suits your wedding outfit and you are done.

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4. Revive your mother’s jewelry

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Another best option is to wear your mother’s jewelry which has been passed from generations. You can wear it as it is. Also, you can send it for modification to add a modern touch to it. Just choose a perfect outfit that suits the jewelry and you are sorted.

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5. Try to buy something versatile

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This one of the important tips that every bride should follow. Most of the times we purchase jewelry pieces that goes well with the bridal outfit. So, instead of buying such jewelry try to find the ones that you can easily pair with western and Indian outfits.

6. 14 karat gold jewelry

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If you are planning to buy a gold set, then remember that 22 karat and 18 karat gold jewelry are very expensive. In a place of these you can buy 14 karat gold, which is also a pocket-friendly option for the girls who are budget savvy. But, don’t forget to take someone experienced while buying gold.

So, these were some cool wedding jewelry shopping tips for every budget savvy bride.


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