7 Awesomely Useful Lip Balm Hacks You Need In Your Life Right Now


One product that most of the women do not leave their house without, is a lip balm. Summers or winters, this one is an essential. But apart from keeping your lips soft and moisturised, there are a lot of other things that the trusty lip balm can do. Here are some of the lip balm hacks you need in your life right now.

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1. For Irritated Skin- With the changing season a lot of us catch a cold. The constant rubbing and wiping your nose may lead to an inflamed and dry skin. Sometimes the condition may get worse and your skin may get minor cuts and wounds in it. To treat the dry skin and cuts you can apply a good quality moisturising lip balm on the affected area. Though this works as a quick fix, it is not a permanent solution to this problem.

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2. To Avoid Shoe-Bite- If you are going to wear new shoes and you also know that they are going to give you pain later, then you should be prepared beforehand. Apply a generous amount of lip balm over the area where you usually get blisters and bites. The lip balm will reduce the friction and thus shoe bites.

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3. Soft Cuticles- If your nails and cuticles tend to get very dry, you can use a lip balm to get the moisture back your cuticles. Apply a little bit of lip balm over your cuticles and they will instantly soften up. This will give your nails the appearance of younger hands.

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4. As a Hair Gel- If after styling your hair you think you need to fix stray hair, then lip balm may come handy (if you do not have a hair spray). Take a tiny amount of the lip balm on your fingers and then gently apply it on the affected area. Your hair is set now and won’t move from their place.

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5. Remove Hair Colour From Skin- If you colour your hair at home then you can definitely relate to this one. When you colour your hair some of the colour get onto the skin. If left on your skin for a very long time it can leave behind a mark. So, before you start colouring your hair apply a generous quantity of the lip balm on the suspected areas.

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6. As a Brow Gel- Your lip balm can also be doubled up as a brow gel as well. Take a little bit of a clear lip balm on a spoolie and then brush it into your eyebrow hair to set them. This will save you a lot of money since most of the brow gels available in the market are still very expensive.

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7. Eye Cream- To make tired eyes look fresh, you can use a cooling and soothing lip balm. All you have to do is apply a little bit of clear balm over and around your eyes, do this every night before going to sleep.

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