Lip Care Tips for Perfect Lips – Ultimate Guide


Are you looking for lip care tips for perfect lips? This is the only guide you’ll ever need to make your lips look stunning.

‘In One Kiss you will know all that what I have not been able to express’, this famous quote will explain why we must have beautiful, smooth lips. If this does not explain it all then just recall your first Kiss- what do you remember? The soft and supple touch of the perfect pair of lips – Right!

Well, the point of bringing back all this was to remind you why this part of your body needs to be pampered and well cared for. Not only because after eyes this is the first feature you notice but this depicts your personal hygiene too not to mention award winning effortless million dollar smile.

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For Perfect beautiful Lips we would be helping you with some Effective Lip care Tips. Would love to share some effective tips and remedies along with some really good products that you can use and rest in peace. Will try to fix all the Lip related issues you have – at least would share whatever I know and have read about. Hope this helps!!

#When it comes to Lip Care Tips, what we usually hear are below mentioned issues and problems :

Know your Lips

Did you know that Skin on our face comprises of 16 layers and the Lip skin is just five cellular layers? Well, this is the fact guys so now you know that Lip skin is the thinnest and demands care and attention. Lip skin needs to be cared for as this has no oil glands or hair follicles that can moisturize or protect it from pollution, sun and changing weather.

Lips have the thinnest skin compared to any part of the body, so they need the best care too. Lips are the most neglected part of the body, you kind of tend to forget about them whenever you do your daily skincare regime. Lips do not demand much attention you just need to spend 2 minutes every day to have supple and full lips.

So, this makes it evident that we must take care of this vital part every day. We do not have to go for anything especially elaborate, some simple everyday tricks make everything perfect. So here we are with all the simple tricks!

Easy & Effective Lip Care Tips –

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So girls- lips it is today, let’s indulge into this fully and try to answer each and every query and problem we face. To start with I will let you know about general care tips which lips demand and we all men or women must follow to flaunt those healthy and supple lips-Smiles depict happiness, so let us be happy and flaunt smiles.

Starting with easy and very effective Lip care tips that you can add to your daily regime, the moto is to make it simple for you and help you get those pink and supple pair of lips. Did you know that lip skin has no oil glands or pores and is extremely thin and sensitive? Below are some steps that you must follow every day for Proper lip care:

Use Lip scrub

  • Using lip scrubs gently and in circular motion not only helps you get rid of the dead skin on
  • your lips but it definitely help in removing tan along with increasing blood circulation. Lip scrubs are best to make your skin smooth and healthy. Lip Scrubbing does not have to be vigorous, it is always gentle and with fine granular scrubs. It is easy to prepare Lip Scrub at home – Some great homemade lip scrubs are:
  • Brown sugar with a little olive oil and honey, mix it well -this will be wonderful if you mix it and then circulate gently over the lip skin, this will remove dead skin and moisturize too.
  • If you have a coarse wash cloth at home, just keep a clean piece for your lips. Moist them with Luke warm water and then slowly and softly keep wiping with this cloth twice or three times, you will see the dead skin coming out and feel the soft new skin underneath, apply a smooth lip balm, olive oil or simple Vaseline jelly that will protect and moisturize too.

Use Lip Balms

  • Using Vaseline gel is what I would suggest is the -best. The best and most natural, effective way to keep you lips moist and baby soft.
  • If you do not like Vaseline gel, the oily and greasy part then go for Olive oil. It is too good, you don’t mind licking it too.
  • Soft butter and Milk cream can also act as an option. You just have to be careful and use it at night only as they have a particular smell that may be embarrassing for some. These all work well and lock the moisture inside the skin making the outer layer smooth and supple glowing with pink and healthy sheen.
  • Glycerine – Viscous Sweet liquid is a super duper hit, coming to Lip care. This will not only give you immediate softness but will also remove dry and dead skin cells silently.

Lip Care for Dark Lips –

Dark Lips make you look dull and always stressed somehow. If you have dark lips and a pale skin you look as if you are just out of a hospital. I am not saying dark lips always are bad, well girls it is not that -we all know , we use Dark chocolate lipsticks to make our mouth stand out. Dark lips look defined but they come with the biggest drawback,

you just cannot add color to your lips- Lipsticks merge with the darker lip skin and you get some odd different shade which you may not like or opt for.

I personally like dark lip skin, well I do not need to add any color it is natural – just one swipe of gloss makes my lips rich and shinier because of the dark skin color. This is my personal preference but I know people and sometimes I also get mad at the Lip skin being dark as my pinks always get purple after touching my lips.

Dark Lip Causes-

Generally dark lips  are dark skin color , if you are not born with fairer skin you tend to have darker lips , which is totally natural and we call it genetics folks!!But sometimes there can be other causes like:

  • Too much smoking
  • Caffeine addiction
  • Sun burn or dehydration
  • Sleeping with lipstick colors on and not cleaning your lips thoroughly
  • Sometimes some allergies or infections can also result in Lip darkening.

The above identified causes mostly are temporary, if you stop that particular habit that causes it, you will sooner or later get your lip color back! Read about the habits that result in darker lips

Effective Home Remedies for Dark Lips

Dark lips can be easily treated with home remedies by some simple and effective methods that are neither costly nor time taking. You just need to follow them religiously to get desired results.

  • Lemon – Using Lemon juice every night before sleep will help lighten the color of your lips, the bleaching quality of lemon will help you reduce the darkness and using this remedy for months will get you desired results.
  • Lemon and Sugar – Using lemon slices sprinkled with sugar for scrubbing the rough and dull skin every night before sleep will also give you desired results. Best way is to scrub gently in circular motions and wash off with warm water, second step will be moisturizing with olive oil or Vaseline for better hydrated and pink lips.
  • Beetroot – Beetroot is readily available everywhere, so applying beetroot juice night time on lips will not only help you bleach away darkness of your lips but also will help you absorb some red color of beetroot and make your lips look pinker and healthier. Try this with carrot juice too, this gives amazing results.
  • Pomegranate – Using crushed pomegranate with milk cream and a little of rose water every day and scrubbing gently will give you amazing results too. This not only helps you bleach dark color of lips but also rehydrate and moisturise your lip skin making it fresh and pink with health.
  • Olive oil– Virgin Olive oil is a great moisturiser and has all the goodness of essential nutrients that help your kin be healthy. If you use olive oil massage on lips every day you will see how vibrant and pink your lips go!

Also read 5 Natural Ingredients to Lighten Your Dark Lips

Some other treatment Tips for Dark lips 

  • Using Sunscreens – You can go for sunscreen lip balms which actually help you from further darkening your lips and help you keep your lips moisturised and healthier.
  • Using Bleaching Creams– You can also go to a dermatologist who can suggest you some good bleaching creams for your lips to lighten the pigmentation, I would suggest you try out this method only after you are not happy with home remedy things.
  • Laser Treatment For Dark Lips – There is this surgical treatment by laser for dark lips too, the effectiveness of which some experts doubt. Although, this treatment is a painless affair but this definitely is medical intervention so you better think hard before trying this.
  • Here you will require 4-5 sittings and the skin of your lips will be treated with laser to reduce the pigmentation. The color in the lips is due to pigments under tissue and also the density of blood vessels. So there comes the intervention.
  • Cosmetic tattooing – You can opt for this also, experienced tattoo artists will do it scientifically adding color and an outline to your lips making them red and shapely.

We have also put together a blog post on the best ways to lighten dark lips.

Homemade Lip care Tips – Lip Care Home Remedies

Lip care is essential, we do not have to remind it to everybody if we do not care dry and chapped lips give us a lot of pain and discomfort not to mention adding ugliness. The best ways to take care of your lips at home is to start with some very good habits like:

  • Avoid licking your lips every now and then
  • Use lip balms and keep your lips moisturized
  • Do not breathe through mouth – you have a nose to do that job!
  • Keep check on medications you pop into your body.
  • Drink loads of water

Now there are some good and tested home remedies too that will take care of all you lip problems, I bet if you follow this you will never have dry, chapped lips that bleed and give you pain.

Lip Care Tips Home Remedies:

  • Sugar– Apply sugar particles mixed with honey once a day and scrub gently to exfoliate and then let the mixture stay there for some minutes before washing off with warm water. This will help you get rid of dead cells and also increase blood circulation. Sugar is also very good for adding moisture to you skin cells.
  • Honey – Honey alone also has anti-bacterial properties and when applied and kept for some time on lips will help you fight any infection as well as moisturize lips and keep them healthy.
  • Olive oil- Applying olive oil helps you moisturize your lips and make them smooth and supple, applying it daily before bedtime will give you a perfect pair of lips.
  • Coconut Oil– Using coconut oil is also good for moisturizing and keeping your lips well hydrated and soft.
  • Castor Oil- castor oil is used for very dry lips, this helps deep penetration and moisturizing.
  • Mustard Oil – From Grandma’s attic- we have this special remedy to use Luke warm mustard oil, rubbing it in the navel portion to avoid any dryness of lips.
  • Rose Petals– Using soaked and crushed rose petals with milk cream will give you moisturized and glossy lips. You need to keep the paste for some minutes to make it work.
  • Vaseline Gel – The easiest and best is to use Vaseline gel with few drops of water for moisturizing and keeping your lips soft and supple.
  • Milk Cream – milk cream alone can also help you lubricate your dry lips and will add gloss and lift your lips adding moisture.
  • Glycerin – Using glycerin also helps, this is best for dry and cold environments. When your lips need an extra layer of protection and care.
  • Aloe Vera Gel- Aloe Vera gel also helps you treat your dried or sunburned lips, using gel will make your lips supple and smooth.

Mostly lip care at home will involve three Easy steps- Remove makeup, scrub and then moisturize that is what you have to do, every night and you will fall in love with the results.

How to Get Smooth Lips?

Mostly people worry about the color of their lips but forgetting the skin texture, if you have pink and rough lips, you cannot call them beautiful, would you?

The best way to keep your lips smooth and supple is to just remember to brush them too, yes you heard me right – Brush them! Here’s an article you might want to read on home remedies to keep your lips naturally soft.

What you need will be a soft bristle brush, if you do not have one, you can soak your regular brush in warm water it will be super soft and then add Vaseline a good quantity all over your lips, let this soak for some time and then brush in circular motions, remove Vaseline with warm water and towel by dabbing it clean.

Apply your regular lighter daily lip balm and you will see great results when you start doing it daily. You just need to be careful with scrubbing pat only , scrub gently and not hard for you will end up with bruised lips otherwise.

You can make this routine by adding this lip brushing with your teeth brushing every morning.

How to Get Pink Lips Naturally?

Pink Lips, supple and smooth – the definition of a pair of Beautiful lips! Having such a pair of lips is every woman’s dream. Some women are born with this and some try and achieve it by implementing some medical interventions and doing it artificially. As a matter of choice, I would suggest you to try out all natural ways to get Pink lips before going for other options.

Necessarily you are not left out with just artificial methods only to treat your Dark and dull lips, you do have some good and effective natural methods you can try. Just try out some natural remedies which can help you get inker lips like Using:

  • Honey, lemon
  • Rose petals and milk cream crushed
  • Olive oil/ castor oil/ coconut oil
  • Beetroot / carrot juices
  • Vaseline with rose petal crushes
  • Glycerin with rose petals soaked in it
  • And for more details and explanation go to … Effective Home remedies for Dark Lips.

 All the best and effective methods are listed here and you can use all and find out the best one that works for you!

Lip Care Tips for Men- General care Tips?

All men generally do not worry about their soft lips or smoothness of their lips but what if your ignorance causes you chapped and dry lips with painful lesions? Not a cool site and not at all kissable for any woman.

So, guys, it is not only woman who must be careful but you also have to make an effort to be kiss ready and let any woman go weak on her knees just for that soft brush against her lips or neck. So in order to get that you do not need to spend hours of grooming, just a few quick tips, keep them in mind, follow them and VOILA!

  • Always remember – your body gives away what you do to it, so always take good care of yourself by:
  • Drinking lots of water – enough to keep you hydrated
  • Less smoking and moderate drinking- would tell you to totally avoid it if possible – which I doubt though!
  • Eating right, vegetables, fruits and plenty of fluids again to keep your system healthy.
  • Avoiding too much sun exposure by applying sunscreen on your lips too.
  • Not liking your lips often or chewing on them- avoid it completely! It is gross!

If you follow all this, you are almost there and to add more just follow the steps below and see the results, you will love it and kiss me later for this! (Laughs)

  • After brushing your teeth daily just rotate your brush over your lips too, softly and gently – this will help you ex foliate the dead cells as your lips would be moist form brushing.
  • Then dab dry with your dry towel and shave and get ready, before stepping pit just use a little moisturizer over your lips too, if you are not a lip balm person.
  • Lip balms without fragrance or flavour are good and enriched with shea butter and vitamin E. You can sue these for better results.
  • If you are more specific, would appreciate if you can use lip balms with Spf and protect your lips from sun damage too.

This was for guys who love to have kissable lips. When we talk of general lip care we definitely come across terms like Lip balm, lip scrubs, lip glosses and lip plumper’s- These lip treatment and beauty enhancers are ready made and cosmetic brands ooze with variety , fragrances and flavours when you come to choose from their plethora of ranges. But before using any product you must know the essence of its usage. All the whys/ How’s so here is me helping you out with a little insight:

Lip Balms for Lip Care

Have been talking about lip balms a lot now so why not give you a brief about Lip Balms- the Magical Lip care Tool. Lip balms are supposed to be creamy and soft, smooth in texture. Easy to apply, oil based and less greasy if it is a day lip balm and you can opt for the heavy greasy ones for night for more hydration.

  • How they work?- simply by forming a protective layer over your lips and the essential oils and ingredients in the balm start repairing the skin cells underneath by hydrating them and repairing them.
  • Varieties– You have them in tubes, pots-in the form of creamy or opaque solution or gel based transparent or colorful forms to add that extra color or sheen.
  • Homemade Lip BalmsBest homemade balms would be vaseline balm with a little of water to make it more absorbable. You can even rely on olive, coconut oils as well as milk cream which is light and more effective for daily use.

Best Lip Gloss /colors that are good-

Lip Glosses – they are the liquid forms of any lip protector – they are paraffin based mostly and add a lot of shine and gleam.

Your choice of lip products determines the health of your lips –How is this going to affect my Lip skin, this is what you need to ask every time you buy anything new to try out. Lip glosses and lip colors make you lips gleam and shine – they add instant life to your beautiful lips, but you need to be careful with the brand you choose and also the color.

It is absolutely necessary to go for products which are natural mostly as you will be using them every day so to avoid any side affects you must opt for naturals only. Also if you want to look glamorous and add color go for branded ones , they have all the products well tested and tried, so this will cause definitely lesser harm and do not forget to remove makeup before sleep.

Sleep with clean skin and let it breathe.


Lip Scrubs – How Effective are they!

Lip scrubs are an essential part of the lip care regime! Lip scrubs help you exfoliate the dry and dead skin and give way to the new fresh juvenile skin cells. They are creamy with some granular texture, gel with granules can also work as the granules are for wrapping up the dead skin cells.

You will find a lot brands offering lip scrubs but for regular use the best would be to stick to natural scrubs as they are more effective and help you not only exfoliate but also moisturize and rejuvenate too.

Some of the best lip scrubs which you can make at home are:

  • Honey mixed with sugar
  • Vaseline mixed with sugar granules
  • Milk cream with powdered chandan
  • Lemon slice with sugar granules over it.
  • You can use a rough cloth dipped in warm water too sometimes
  • Soft bristle brush with Vaseline.
  • Don’t forget to try these and checkout the change in your skin texture.

Lip Plumper –  Know More, Fuller Lips!

Pouting lips and fuller mouth are considered sexy and most wanted- this beauty trend gave way to Lip plumping products which come with fillers and instantly plump up your lips to some extent. These products are mostly used by actors or models for their photo shoots as they are not good to be used regularly.

You can use them through occasionally to flaunt that perfect pout. There are lot many products in the form of lipsticks or lip stick bases which act as plumping products – different brands have come up with different product forms to just help people make their lips fuller and pouty.

Fuller lips can be achieved with surgeries as well but for temporary results we have these Plumping products that inflate the skin tissue for some time.

Hope we have been able to solve almost all your queries and still if you have any more queries regarding Lip care and knowing more about it, we would love to help and do some more detailed research. Keep writing to us!!

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