7 Essential Beauty Tips For The Bride To Be


Marriages always manage to tickle our fancies especially in the society we are living in. There are various rituals take place in the course of this marriage ceremony. And no to forget, brides are the biggest centre of attraction during all these blissful happenings. If you are planning to get married soon in near future, there must be plenty of questions popping in your head. When it comes to your skincare worries, we are here to help you. Every girl imagines herself to be the most beautiful bride ever. So if you are a bride to be and want to look your best beautiful on the D-day then you must keep up with these essential beauty tips.

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1. Start early- In order to look your best on the D-day, you must start early. If you have an idea of when you are getting married, then you can start as early as one year before getting married especially if you have acne or other similar problems that might take a lot of time to get treated. If you do not have that much of time you can start with your pre-bridal treatments as soon as you get to know your wedding date.

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2. Get fit- It is not just your face that would make you look good. You need to have an amazing body too in order to look perfect. You can start working on your concerned areas if any along with working on your entire body. Even if you don’t need to lose weight you can still join a gym and work on your endurance and strength as you will definitely need that During all this hustle and bustle.

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3. Start getting facials- With your wedding date coming near you must start getting regular facials almost every month in order to prevent that wedding stress from hampering your glow. You can ask your dermatologist to suggest facials that are perfect for your skin type. Regular massaging will ensure a proper blood flow which will add a natural glow and rosiness to your skin.

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4. Start eating healthy- What we put in our body shows up on your skin too. Thus it is very important that you eat a healthy diet as much as possible. Try to exclude junk food from your diet as these food items are neither good for our health nor skin.

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5. Follow a specific skincare routine- A skincare routine six very important if you want your skin to look beautiful and behave properly. If you are already following a skincare routine which suits you then just stick to it, if not, then ask your dermatologist to put up a skincare routine that is meant for your skin type.

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6. Keep an eye on those eyes- Dark circles and puffy eyes can make you look tired and mess up your bridal glow. Which you obviously don’t want. So make sure that you are taking your 8-hour beauty sleep. Along with that, you should also invest in a good quality under eye cream targeting your eye concerns. Also in order to enhance the beauty of your eyes, even more, you can get your eyebrows done from someone who actually knows how to do them well. You yourself will notice a huge difference.

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7. Pay attention to that mane- Hair can make or break your look. Though most probably your hair will be tied up for the wedding but you can flaunt that mane on other functions such as mehandi, sangeet, etc. So make sure to get a haircut from a reputed salon and stylist. If you are into hair colouring, definitely go for it. But get the colouring done at least 2 weeks before the functions as the colour itself take some time to show up.

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