7 Gorgeous Styling Tips For Expecting Moms


Pregnancy is the most amazing phase of every woman’s life. Just like eating, sleeping, breathing, this too is a natural process and though you need to be a bit more cautious during these days, there is absolutely no need to flush your dressing/fashion sense down the gutter. Comfort is definitely a priority but for that you don’t have to dress clumsily during this phase, especially when you are going to attend a wedding function. If you are clueless on how to do that then don’t worry, we are here to help you.

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1. If you are looking for both comfort and style which you definitely should then you can go for anarkalis, maxi dresses and empire cut gowns. The best part about these options is that they hug your body up to just below the bust area and then flows outward to conceal the heaviness on the bottom part of the body.

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2. While you are pregnant your frame will appear shorter and if you are already short then you don’t want to look shorter by wearing the wrong clothes. Avoid wearing pieces which will make you look chunky. For example, when it comes to jewellery, do not wear a choker as it will make you look shorter. Instead, choose necklaces and chains which will leave your neck bare open. Also, opt for dangling or chandelier earrings as these will elongate your frame and will make you look taller. Going monochrome (wearing one colour) is another great way to elongate your frame.

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3. Just because you are pregnant you don’t have to wear that are ill-fitted clothes as these will only make you look bulkier. A better option is to get clothes in your current size but go for options which will camouflage the belly. The best option will be to pick something which is fitted up to below the bust area and then flaring out.

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4. Heels are definitely a big no-no, especially stilettoes. These slim, towering heels do not provide you with the required support and balance which is of utmost importance during these days. Go for flats in different styles such as t-straps or with ankle straps, ballerinas. Though if you really want to add some height to your frame you can go for wedge or platform heels which are not too high.

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5. Style is important but at this time comfort should be your priority. Apart from the cut and design of the outfit the fabric too needs to be comfortable and light. Fabrics which are flowy, are the best ones for you at this stage. Chiffon, cotton-silk, crepe and the likes are a great choice. Stiff fabrics will feel uncomfortable and will also make you look bulky.

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6. Wearing the right accessories can also add a lot of glamour. The best way to camouflage your baby bump (only if you want to) is by wearing or carrying a statement piece. Earrings, necklace or a bag; it can be anything you want. This will take away the attention from your bump.

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7. Since you are carrying that pregnancy glow enhance it even more by wearing bright colours.

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