7 Reasons Why You Feel Dizzy All The Time!


Do you often feel weak at your knees? Standing still for a long time is a difficult task for you? First of all, you should make this very clear that do you really feel dizzy all the time? Or most of the times? If yes, then don’t ignore it. If diagnosed at an early stage, treatment would be easier if any underlying serious condition is there. You have to be cautious about your health and never ignore the red flags shown by your body. The reason behind that frequent lightheadedness could be anything, from spondylitis to low blood pressure. don’t go any self-medication as you might misdiagnose the condition and make it further worse.

1. Low Blood Pressure
This is the most common reason why people lose their balance. If you suffer from low blood pressure too often, then don’t get up quickly when you’re sitting for a quiet a long time. Get up slowly. Eat the food rich in electrolytes.

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2. Spondylitis
In this condition, the dizziness is often accompanied by immense pain at the shoulder and neck region. You can also feel discomfort with nausea and vomiting. You should go for physiotherapy sessions for better results.

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3. Anaemia
This the chief reason why most of the girls feel dizzy at times. When the iron level in your body drops to dangerous levels, you can suffer from anaemia. If you experience fatigue, joint pains, and dizziness and then take some iron supplements.

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4. Vision Problem
Sometimes, it’s just the blurred vision that’s causing dizziness. Go to eye specialists and get yourself a pair of spectacles. You should get your eye check-up done every three months.

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5. Vertigo
“Vertigo is a sensation of spinning. If you have these dizzy spells, you might feel like you are spinning or that the world around you is spinning.” You might be suffering from vertigo if you feel the dizziness on the higher altitudes. The doctors will prescribe you some head-alignment exercises for relief.

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6. Dehydration
If you are standing for too long in sunlight or not drinking plenty of water, then you will feel dizzy. Dizziness is one of the major symptoms of dehydration. Drink lots of water and have ORS to replenish the lost electrolytes from the body.

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7. Meniere’s Disease
This is condition suffered by people during the ages between 40 and 60. They always feel a disturbance or a buzzing sound in their inner ears. This makes them feel dizzy. Sometimes, they can also suffer from nausea and vomiting.

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