7 Reasons Why You’re Gaining Belly Fat


If you’re gaining a lot of weight, then this can be a dangerous issue for you. People who are obese are more prone to Type II Diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic issues. So if you’re gaining a lot of fat, particularly around the waist then in biological terms, you’re gaining visceral fat. This means your body is accumulating fat near your liver and the organs in your abdominal region. So if you’ve been gaining a lot of weight all this while around your waist and your waistline is not ceasing to increase, then there might be these reasons behind it.

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1. You’re Eating the Wrong Type of Fat
First of all, if you wish to lose the belly fat, you need to start focussing on the good type of fat. Consume larger quantities of monounsaturated fatty acids. You can have fatty food items like peanut butter or ghee to stay fit.

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2. You’ve Been Under Stress for a While
Women are depressed or under stress are more likely to get belly fat, says a research conducted by the Rush University Medical Centre. The reason behind it is that you eat more and don’t involve in any physical activity when under stress.

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3. You’re Skipping this Magic Potion
Magnesium handles more than 300 functions in our body. A research was conducted in 2013 that concluded that people who consumed more magnesium had lower levels of blood sugar and insulin. The magnesium-rich foods include dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, fish, beans, avocados, yogurt, bananas and dry fruits. You can have dark chocolate for this as well.

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4. You’re Drinking Too Much of Diet Soda
Diet sodas are the only namesake. There’s nothing like ‘Diet’ in them. people who drink too much of diet soda have a fattier belly as compared to those who don’t.

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5. Lack of Sleep
If you’ve been working late at night and not getting enough of your Zzz’s, then chances are that you gain a lot of belly fat. Sleep is required to maintain a proper health. Obese people with fat belly also suffer from sleep apnea.

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6. You’re Eating Low Fibre Diet
Fibre is required to aid the healthy digestion and gut cleaning. It also keeps your weight under check. Fibres makes your tummy feel full and reduces your calories consumption. Diet rich in polished carbs and low fibre can also cause your weight gain.

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7. Menopause
If you’re going through this phase, then gaining belly fat is something common to occur. The oestrogen levels drop dramatically in a woman’s body at this time, this causes the fat to be accumulated in the abdomen. Women who experience menopause at a younger age tend to gain lesser belly fat, a research says.

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