7 Side effects of lemon juice no one can think about


We advise you to use lemon for so many different remedies, from skin to hair to weight loss. We always talk about the benefits that it has for our skin and overall health in general. But did you know that using lemons too frequently or consuming them in large quantity may have several ill effects? Today we are going to share with you some of the ways in which lemons can harm you.

1. For dry skin- We all know that lemons are quite acidic in nature and thus can be very harsh for the dry skin. So if you have very dry skin make sure to use lemon very sparsely on your skin as it might end up getting even drier.

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2. For acne- The acidic nature of the lemons can sometimes irritate your skin especially if it is breaking out (lemon is considered as a potent home remedy for treating acne). If used in large quantities or more often than required, it can even make your breakouts even worse and may also lead to bleeding which can then leave marks on your face.

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3. Dry hair- Many people swear by using lemon juice directly onto their scalp so as to get rid of dandruff. But along with treating your dandruff the lemon juice also dries up your really badly. So make sure not to use lemon juice often on your scalp or hair and even when you use it, make sure to dilute it.

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4. Tainted teeth- When our teeth come in contact with acidic stuff such as lemon juice on a regular basis the top most layer (enamel) of our teeth starts to degrade. If not treated on time this condition can further worsen and damage the inner part of the teeth making them sensitive.

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5. Digestive problems- While lemon juice does work really well in dealing with digestive problems but too much of it can make your stomach upset and may lead to severe pain and uneasiness.

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6. Dehydration- Lemon may lead to dehydration as having too much of it can make it work like a diuretic which means you will end up going to the loo way too many times. This way your body will keep on losing water and soon it will become dehydrated.

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7. Kidney problems- Lemon peels are one of those food items that contain oxalates which are naturally occurring substances found in human beings, plants and animals. The thing with oxalate is that when the concentration of these in the blood stream increases they crystallize and lead to health issues.

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