Repeated Waxing Can Harm Your Skin In These 7 Ways!


We truly acknowledge the fact that waxing is the easiest and safest method to get freedom from unwanted body hair. But I’ve seen that many people wax the same portion of their body over and over again to get rid of undergrowth. You must have read in almost every beauty blog that they recommend to always go to the reputed beauty experts or salons. The reason being the products they use and their technique.

The substandard salons use expired wax or unhygienic strips. Not only this, they wax the same area more than once which is not good for your skin. So if you go for the frequent sittings of waxing, you must have a look what repeated waxing can do to your skin.

1. The skin will become loose
Who likes sagging skin? No one, I guess. If you wax your body over and over again, the skin will lose elasticity over time. You will start having wrinkles soon. When the wax strip is drawn out, your skin is also pulled along with the course.

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2. Redness and Irritation
Repeated waxing can cause redness in the skin. When the wax strip is pulled out, the skin is also pulled along with it. This causes redness and irritation in the skin. Use ice on the red skin to reduce the burning sensation.

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3. Rashes
Rashes and red bumps are unavoidable if you repeatedly wax your skin. If the smaller hair doesn’t come out with one-time waxing, then leave them as it is. Wait for them to grow a little bit and then try waxing. Space your waxing sessions adequately. Don’t wax your body for more than twice a month.

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4. Bleeding
This is the worst post waxing nuisance that happens when you repeatedly pull out the same patch of skin. People who have sensitive skin often go through this problem. When the wax strip is pulled out, the pores can bleed. Apply ice immediately to stop the bleeding. But you should avoid over-waxing at the first place.

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5. Dark Spots
This usually happens when you overheat wax. Too hot wax causes reddish brown spots on the skin and after some time they become dark. These spots usually take one to two weeks to go away. Repeated waxing can cause permanent marks on your skin.

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6. Ingrown Hair
Ingrown hair is common with those who go through frequent waxing. Mainly these ingrown hair are found at underarms and bikini line. These hairs are though not visible, but they feel itchy and uncomfortable.

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7. Allergy
This can happen to you if you’re allergic to any particular ingredient of wax. If you’re having an over sensitive skin, then waxing repeatedly is not a good idea for you.

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