Did You Know About These 7 Benefits of Water Melon Juice?


You must be feeling summer heat by now. Actually a lot! At this time of year, all we think about deliberately is how to keep ourselves cool. But let me tell you, this is the time when you’ve to be extra conscious about your diet and health. Even the doctors advice you to drink a lot of water and eat hydrous fruits and veggies in summers.

In summers, our body loses water continuously in the form of sweat. This makes it even more important to drink loads of water in a day. We also seek the help from the juicy fruits to meet our daily water requirements. Isn’t it? One of such fruits is watermelon. I don’t remember any summer season passing out without eating watermelons. We relish eating watermelons during the summer afternoons. But do you know that drinking watermelon juice on an empty stomach has countless number of benefits for your body? If you add black pepper to the watermelon juice, the goodness is even more enhanced. Come let’s know what watermelon juice has to offer us.

1. It helps in weight loss
This is the best thing you can hear if you want to lose weight. Most of the weight loss drinks and supplements are nasty in taste. But watermelon is an exception. If you want to control your weight, drink lots of watermelon juice. This adds electrolytes to your body and also reduces body fat.

Benefits of Water Melon Juice1Image Source: beautystyledesign

2. It controls Cholesterol
Another benefit of drinking melon juice is that it controls cholesterol. It reduces the risk of heart diseases to a great extent.

3. It protects you from heat stroke
If you drink watermelon juice daily it protects you from heat stroke. It also protects you from the other diseases caused by summer heat.

4. It cuts down the risk of cancer.
If you consume watermelon juice with black pepper, then this helps to eliminate cancerous cells from the body. Watermelon consists of lycopene which is an antioxidant. It boosts the disease fighting ability of our body.

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5. It helps to cure Asthma
If you’re suffering from asthma, then you can drink watermelon juice with black pepper to get immediate relief from breathing problems.

6. It keeps your body hydrated.
Watermelon juice compensates for the water loss caused in our body. This is the reason why our mother keeps on insisting us to eat watermelons. Women should eat a lot of watermelons during their periods. This keeps their mind calm and body refreshed.

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7. It cuts down the chances of getting heart attacks.
Watermelon is rich in folic acid which is known to regulate the blood pressure in our body. A moderated blood pressure means a healthy heart. It also imparts a pinkish glow on your face.