7 Signs that Tell He is a Virgin!


Most of us have been living in a false notion that the virginity is a women’s term. Men who aren’t virgin can’t get caught. But it’s not true. We can find out whether a man is virgin or not.

While we think that most of the men lose their virginity at a very early phase of their life, there are some men who haven’t even tried getting intimate with a woman. Well, regardless of being a woman or a man, everyone has a right to his/her sexuality, but we can still deduce a man’s virginity if we pay attention to their behaviour.

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And mind it, this article will only help you make a rough estimate. Guesses can be wrong sometimes. So if you’re wondering whether you’re dating a virgin man or not, try to note his body language.

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1. He’s Too Shy Around Girls
If he flinches even with the slightest touch of a woman, then chances are that he’s not used to be in a female’s company.

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2. He Keeps Safe Distance with Girls While Talking to Them
He’s not among those who lean over women while talking to them or pat their shoulders cordially. In fact, his face turns red whenever he talks to a girl.

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3. He Gets Nervous When You Ask Him Out for a Date
He gets nervous and gets a heart attack kind of feeling whenever you ask him out for a date. Try to hold his hand while talking, if he starts to shiver or sweating, then there are chances that he’s too shy to be intimate with a woman.

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4. He Has No Idea What to do While Getting Intimate
When you both try to get intimate, instead of taking the lead, he is clueless as to what to do next. He stares at your face and waiting for you to make a move.

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5. When in Bed, He Wonders What to Do
A man with previous experience will take the lead and get straight to the job. His moves will tell a great deal whether he has any past experience or not. While on the other hand, a person without any experience will wonder where to start.

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6. He Stares with Eyes Wide Open When He Sees You Naked
A person with experience might have seen a naked woman in a bed. But if he’s having such a sight for the first time, he will eagerly scan you.

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7. He Might Bleed
A very small percentage of men have too tight foreskin on their tool. Such men might experience a slight bleeding when they’re making love for the first time in their life.

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