Kitchen Hacks: Simple Tricks to Clean Your Kitchen Utensils


Do you love cooking? Then you pretty know that how much dreadful it is to clean the utensils. And when you’ve prepared a rich gravy dish for the dinner, then doing the dishes is even more tedious. No matter how impressive the dish wash products’ advertisements are, the greasy utensils require a lot of hard work.

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If you loath your dishwashing routine, then this post is the one you must be waiting for. Here are some easy kitchen hacks that will ease down your dishwashing endeavour.

1. Rinse your utensil with clean water as soon you eat. Then keep them in the sink. This will prevent the leftover from getting accumulated over it.

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2. Before applying dish wash liquid to the utensil, throw the leftover sticking on them in the dustbin.

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3. Wash your dish wash sponge before washing your dishes with it. The leftover food and bacteria clings to the dish wash sponge. So rinse it well before and after use. Change your dish wash sponge timely.

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4. After washing your dishes, soak them in a chemical sanitizer to disinfect them. No matter what our dish wash detergent claims, but they are not sufficient enough to get rid of the bacteria from the dishes.

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5. You can also use warm water to wash extra-greasy utensils. The glassware should be rinsed with lukewarm water. This will eliminate the grease and dirt from the surface.

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6. Wash your dishes in three steps. In the first step, rinse your dishes in soapy water. In the second step, rinse your dishes with clean water. In the last step, wash them with a chemical sanitizer to disinfect them.

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