8 Little-Known Health Benefits of Baby Corn You Didn’t Know About


Used widely in Asian and oriental cooking, the baby corn has been considered as one of the healthiest foods which you can add to your fries and salads. A baby corn is simply a regular corn which is picked before it matures. In terms of nutritional value too, baby corns and corn differ very slightly. In fact, for people who are trying to lose weight, a baby corn can just prove to be a perfect choice due to its relatively less starch content. Baby corns have a wide fan following in the west also. It is one of the most widely vegetables across the world. Here are very essential benefits of baby corn you should know.

What makes baby corn a unique food?

There are many veggies and fruits we can choose from to boost our health in every best possible way. But the catch is there are taste buds that keep all of us from falling in love with some not-so-tasty vegetables. In case of mothers, this situation actually might get a bit trickier, because they are one of those people who convince their children to eat healthy, but they hardly follow them.

The veggies like baby corn which is not only loved by adults and children, but they may be eaten in whatever ways you like. More important is that baby corns are known to be the best food that kids like and we can offer them in place of pizza, noodles, pasta, and many other fast-food choices. When there are endless choices of ingesting healthy foods, let us not wait to discover how it could help the body to become more robust.

1. Rich source of folate

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Baby corns are a great rich source of folate. This folic acid is believed to play a vital role in preventing neural tube birth defect in foetus. Pregnant women may add baby corn in the pregnancy diet for healthy nutrition.

From healthy vision and weight loss, baby corn is a storehouse of important health benefits. Do not let the mini size of corn deceive you of believing otherwise.

2. Improves eye vision


Yellow baby corn like a matured corn has high amounts of carotenoids. This carotenoid promotes eye health and lowers the risk of cataract.

All our sense organs are vital for us so that we can enjoy the beauty of nature and live a meaningful life. Eyes among these are the most important ones. Especially at current time when have started using screens excessively, it has become often more imperative to take care of the eyes by eating healthy foods. Baby corn has carotenoid or tetraterpenoid, elements which may promote the health of our eyes. A carotenoid is also great in lowering the risk of cataracts. So, add those lovely yellow veggies and keep the eyes healthy.

3. Stimulates digestion

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Baby corn is rich in both insoluble and soluble fibers. Fibers help stimulate healthy digestion. A healthy digestive system might help in healthy and quick weight loss.

4. Rich in important nutrients


Baby corn is a great nutrient dense veggie. Besides containing essential fibers and protein, baby corn is packed with important antioxidants also. It is believed that just half a cup serving meets four percent of your daily body requirement of iron and vitamin A, and 2 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin C.

5. Low-carb food


While corn is known for its very high carb and starch content, baby corn is less in starch content. It has 0.9 grams per serving that is 28 grams. It also has very low fat content, which makes it the best choice for weight loss.

6. Good source of fiber


Baby corns that are picked in the correct age have lot of beneficial fibers, according to the book ‘Healing Foods’, released by DK Publishing. The soluble fiber helps control blood sugar level, and also promotes the health of the heart. Fiber helps adds bulk to stool and helps in bowel regularity. Fiber takes the longest time to digest, so inducing the feeling of fullness. This feeling prevents a person from consuming other high-fat foods.

7. Low in calories


Baby corn is very low in calorie. Around 100 grams of baby corn contains as low as 26 calories. Adding this lovely veggie to your daily weight reduction diet might help you lose some quick and easy weight.

8. Boosts cardiovascular health


If there is any problem which is affecting most countries adversely, it has to be cardiovascular conditions, due to obesity, an unhealthy lifestyle, and hypertension. Besides your prescribed medication, you should start consuming baby corn to keep the heart healthy. The carotenoids in this food are scientifically verified in promoting the heart’s wholesomeness. Not only this, this extremely low-calorie food is packed with soluble fiber that is known to effectively reduce the cholesterol level in your body, reducing the risk of artery blockage.

9. Promotes healthy pregnancy

Promotes healthy pregnancy

One of the most important moments in all women’s life is to become pregnant. But everyone knows that the procedures take a toll on your body. If you aren’t healthy or are not having food source of foods to support the foetu’s growth, you may end up with some complications. After consulting your physician, you can consume baby corns, as they are very tasty and very rich in folic acid. These ingredients are is crucial to prevent abnormalities in your unborn child, as per several health reports.

Lack of folic acid in our body affects the weight of baby. Sweet corn improves the health of both baby and expecting mother. It prevents the new born child from being underweight and prevents from other defects. Go, ahead and add the cereal in your meals. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and importantly fiber that take care of the body by reducing the risk of many diseases and supplying your child with nutrients needed for a healthy life.

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