8 Foods to Boost Your Immunity This Winter!


For the past few days, we are witnessing a sudden drop in the temperature, which is basically a signal towards the beginning of the season of cold and flu. It is the time, when you need to be more cautious about your health and protect yourself against the flu. The best way to avoid this ailment is to consume foods to boost your immunity. In this article, we have shared some foods that can help in boosting your immunity and preventing cold and flu.

1. Ginger tea to boost immunity

Ginger-tea-to-boost-immunityImage Source: glutenfreegigi

Ginger tea is highly beneficial for your health as it contains anti-inflammatory properties which protect you against cold and flu.

2. Oranges to prevent common cold

Oranges-to-prevent-common-coldImage Source: tqn

This amazing fruit is loaded with vitamin C which is very helpful in preventing common cold, and also, it protects your body against various environment induced illness.

3. Dark chocolates to prevent cough

Dark-chocolates-to-prevent-coughImage Source: merca2

It contains a high amount of theobromine which is basically an antioxidant that helps in treating cough. Many studies conclude that theobromine is also helpful for treating cough symptoms in the people suffering from bronchitis.

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4. Chicken noodle soup to combat cold

Chicken-noodle-soup-to-combat-coldImage Source: h-cdn

This is the best food that you can have during this season to combat flu and cold as it has an anti-inflammatory effect on your body and can reduce the inflammation in your respiratory tract.

5. Greek yogurt to treat flu and cold

Greek-yogurt-to-treat-flu-and-coldImage Source: livestrongcdn

This food is full of probiotics which are packed with the goodness of protein that can help in prevention of cold and flu.

6. Red pepper to foster immunity

Red-pepper-to-foster-immunityImage Source: chinchillacarefacts

Another food which has very rich content of vitamin C and can help in combating cold. Many studies have shown that consuming 200 mg of vitamin C can cut down the risk of cold almost by half.

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7. Water for hydration

Water-for-hydrationImage Source: curejoy

Water is an essential drink especially when you are sick as it helps to loosen the trapped mucus. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water in a day to keep your body hydrated.

8. Blueberries for maintaining immunity

Blueberries-for-maintaining-immunityImage Source: blueberrycouncil

This fruit is full of antioxidants that can boost your immunity and protect you against cold and flu. People who consume blueberries are less likely to catch cold.

So, these are the foods to boost your immunity during winter season. Try to include them in your diet and stay healthy throughout this winter season.