8 Brilliant Home Remedies To Increase Your Platelet Count


Blood is one of the fundamental basis of life and the proper blood flow in the entire body is responsible for overall health. Blood has different components like WBCs, RBCs, and platelet as well. All of these have different roles to play. Let’s know about the platelet here.

Platelets are blood cells that help to stop bleeding when you get cuts and injuries. The fewer number of platelet counts is a major health issue. So, we try to maintain the platelet count in our blood with a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Let’s know more…

• Reasons behind low platelet count

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Lesser numbers of platelet count is a serious problem as it shows blood loss from your body.

Two reasons behind this problem are:

• They are getting damaged.
• Less number of production.

There are many reasons behind this problem which includes:

1. Less production of platelets due to viral infection, unnecessary consumption of alcohol, chemotherapy, leukemia, anemia and lack of vitamin B12.
2. Platelets are present in the spleen because of cancer or severe liver disease.
3. Breakdown of platelets because of some health problems like an infection in the blood, reaction of medicine, TTP, ITP, and autoimmune disease.

Signs of low platelets are a weakness, rashes on the skin, bleeding through urine, continued bleeding from cuts, etc.

Follow these home remedies you can increase your platelets count:

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1- Papaya and papaya leaves

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Papaya and its leaves are very helpful for increasing the number of platelet counts. According to research by the Asian Institute of Science and Technology, Malaysia, consuming ripe papaya and drinking its leaves juice can increase your platelet count. You can also drink papaya juice with little lemon juice.

2- Pumpkin and its seeds

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Pumpkin is full of many nutrients that help in producing protein, which is essential to increase the platelet count. Also, the consumption of pumpkin and its seeds helps in the production of Vitamin A in your body.

3- Lemon juice

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Lemon contains a good amount of vitamin C which is helpful for maintaining platelets count in your body and boosts immunity.

4- Amla

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Amla is rich in vitamin C and provides all the benefits of lemon. Apart from this amla contains antioxidants that help to prevent various health problems.

5- Beetroot

beetroot and its benefits
Beetroot Benefits

Consuming a glass of beetroot can help you to increase platelets count in your body.

6- Wheatgrass

Wheat grassImage Source: therenegadepharmacist

According to the international journal of universal pharmacy and life sciences, consuming wheatgrass can help in increasing the number of platelets count in our body because wheatgrass is a rich source of chlorophyll. Consume regularly half glass of wheatgrass with lemon juice to increases platelet count.

7- Aloe Vera juice

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Aloe Vera helps in blood purification and avoid blood infections and helps in increasing the platelets count.

8- Spinach

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Spinach is a good source of vitamin K and avoid blood loss from injuries and cut. Consuming spinach juice can help in increasing the blood platelets.

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