8 Reasons Causing Weak Legs


For a building to stand tall it is very important for it to have a strong foundation. The same goes for a tree as well you have seen how the roots of even the tallest and the most majestic trees keep them standing tall even during the worst storms. In a similar way, humans too need strong legs to hold the weight of their body, to ensure proper balance and to let the body move freely on its own. On the other side, if you have weak legs accompanied by symptoms such as muscle spasms, pain, numbness, burning sensation, body ache, body imbalance, swelling, etc. may often get transformed into fatigue which then results in an inactive lifestyle thus increasing the chances of developing several chronic health ailments. But with the help of regular exercises and diet, this problem can be tackled easily.

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But the questions that arise are, why do we have noodle legs and what measure can be taken to prevent this problem. This problem can occur in just one or both the legs and may vary from mild fatigue to complete paralysis. Today we are going to discuss some of the most common reasons that lead to weak legs and how to deal with this condition.

1. Extended inactivity of the muscles- The one of the major and most common causes which lead to muscle weakness is inactivity of muscles. The best way to treat this type of muscle weakness is by putting stationery muscles at work. You can simply start by including 30 minutes of brisk walking in your daily routine in order to strengthen the muscles. Other activities such as swimming, yoga, jogging, etc. can also be included. But if you find it difficult to perform these activities then make sure to consult a physiotherapist at the soonest.

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Reasons Causing Weak Legs2

2. Spinal compression of a nerve- This condition is also known as pinched nerve which is also one of the reasons for weakened legs. In the case of this condition, you need to see a physiotherapist at the soonest. The physiotherapist will recommend a gentle massage in order to improve the blood circulation which will ensure that all the nutrients get well distributed throughout the body.

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3. Neuromuscular disease- It is also one of those conditions in which you have to see a physiotherapist in order to get the problem sorted. Based on your condition the physiotherapist will prescribe a treatment. Along with that you can also include mild exercises such as yoga, leg raise, etc. but make sure to talk to your physiotherapist before trying out any of these.

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4. Medicines- Leg weakness may also be a result of certain medications that you might be taking. In this case, the physiotherapist will suggest you certain exercises that you need to follow regularly.

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5. Vitamin D deficiency- Research has proved that the deficiency of vitamin D can also be a potential cause of weakened leg muscles. Vitamin D is very important for a healthy body. Thus, make sure to soak in the morning sun for 10-15 minutes to boost some energy back to your weakened legs. Also, try to incorporate food items in your diet which have a high amount of vitamin in them.

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6. Dehydration- Dehydration is one of the main causes for weakened leg muscles and leg muscle cramps. The only thing that can help you in this case is staying hydrated at all times. Drink plenty of water and eat food items which have high water content such as watermelon, cucumber, muskmelon, etc. also drink milk daily to improve the muscle strength.

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7. Overactivity- Putting too much stress on your leg muscles can also result in weakened legs. Make sure to take sufficient breaks while doing activities which put your leg muscles to test. This way you will give your muscles time to heal and get rejuvenated.

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8. Certain medical conditions- Medical conditions such as anaemia and diabetes can also lead to muscle weakness and spasms in legs. In this condition what really can help you are medicines prescribed by the doctor along with a healthy lifestyle. It is always better to get the symptoms identified at an early stage in order to get the treatment started.

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