9 Common Factors Which May Disturb Your Periods


Periods are anyways very disturbing and annoying. But as if that was not enough to make our life miserable, a lot of women also deal with irregular periods as well. It may involve excessive bleeding, too less bleeding, bleeding for too many days, not bleeding for enough days, having periods even when you are not due for say 15 days and so on. Though the reasons for the same may vary from woman to woman. Here are some of the most common reasons which may disturb your periods.

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1. Intense exercise- Health experts suggest that exercises which are very intense may stress up the body so much that the secretion of certain hormones may slow down causing this disturbance. Also,extremely low amount of body fat may also lead to disturbances in your periods as well as reducing the fertility level.

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2. Certain medicines- You might be completely unaware of this but the medicines that you are taking might also create a hindrance in getting periods regularly. Especially medicines which affect your hormonal levels may disturb your periods. If you notice that after you started certain medicines your periods are getting affected adversely, immediately get in touch with your doctor.

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3. Too much travelling- If you are someone who travels a lot going from one country to another where you have to adjust to a new climate or time zone, then also you are more likely to develop this problem.

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4. Obesity- Women who are obese are at an increased risk of getting their periods affected adversely. The excess body fat could increase the level of oestrogen in the body, thus affecting your menstrual cycle. This may lead to periods which are either too long and infrequent. Another ill effect of increased oestrogen level is that it may cause endometrial cancer.

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5. Stress- If you are going through a very tough time in your life and are continuously stressed then your periods may get delayed. This also because thestressful environment is not suitable for reproduction and due to this reason the body automatically delay the cycle.

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6. Not sleeping well- Your sleeping patterns are also responsible for putting your body off the normal routine. When your body does not get required sleep it may also affect the hormones which are responsible for your monthly cycle. Women who work in night shifts sometimes may face this problem.

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7. Exposure to pesticides- If due to any reason you are coming in direct contact with pesticides on a regular basis then also your monthly cycle may get affected adversely. This happens due to the change caused in the hormones.

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8. Age- As you start reaching the age of menopause the frequency of the menstrual cycle starts getting irregular. So if you are in that age group then this could also be the reason for your disturbed menstrual cycle.

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9. Anorexia- Anorexia or iron deficiency may also interrupt your periods as the women suffering from anorexia are under-weight which may cause disturbancein your periods. Also, women who lose a lot of weight in a very short span of time may also face this problem.

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