9 Myths About Boobs You Need to STOP Believing!


Myths are everywhere. Once a false information is passed on, it remains unaltered in our system for ages. We have come across a zillion of myths and we have believed them too. It can come from anywhere, friends, family or even health experts. Similarly, there have been umpteen of myths about myths we’ve been believing for too long. Here they are.

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1. Boobs Grow When You Start Having Sex
This is the most common myth among people that the boobs grow when you start having sex. Sex is not the way to get bigger breasts. There are no scientific studies supporting this myth.

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2. Your Bra Size Remains Constant Throughout the Life
Saying that your boobs size will remain constant all through your life is a no brainer. Just like any other apparel, the size of your bra also changes. In fact, a single woman wears bras of 7-8 different sizes. Always measure your bra size before purchasing a new one.

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3. Sleeping on Your Belly Gives You Uneven Boobs
Your sleeping position doesn’t determine the size and shape of your boobs. The pressure applied on your boobs while you sleep is not enough to alter the size and shape of your boobs. It will not affect your blood or hormonal circulation in any way.

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4. Gaining Weight Will Grow Your Boobs
Gaining weight does not ascertain boob’s growth. Although, it usually happens. Fat gets accumulated in everyone’s body in a different manner. For some, the accumulated fat might go to the inner thighs, arms and hips, leaving boobs totally unaffected.

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5. If You Have Small Boobs, You Don’t Need to Wear Bra
This is one of the most widely circulated myths about boobs. Your breasts need support no matter how small they are. If you don’t wear a bra while running and exercising, you will end up damaging your ligaments. It will make your boobs saggy and droopy.

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6. Sleeping in Bra Gives Your Firmer Breasts
Sleeping in a bra gives us on only one thing, and that is a sleepless night. It makes us super uncomfortable to sleep. If you want firmer breasts, then go for a specially designed bra to get the right type of breasts. Give yourself some good night’s sleep by sleeping sans bra.

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7. Breast Doesn’t Grow After Teenage Years
Your breast will change a lot throughout your life. The growth of your breasts doesn’t stop when you hit adulthood. There are many factors that determine the size of your breasts like hormonal changes, pregnancy, weight gain/loss. So, you will definitely some changes in your breasts even during your adulthood.

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8. Both of Your Breasts are of the Same Size
Lopsided breasts are a true thing. They are mostly uneven. Although, the difference is very faint to be noticed by us. It’s a myth that both the breasts are of the same size. So, don’t fret when you don’t find them equal.

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9. Breastfeeding Causes Boob Sagging
Boob sagging is an after-effect of pregnancy. It has nothing to do with breastfeeding. So, whether you breastfeed your child or not, they are going to sag a bit.

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