9 Ways To Ensure That Your Mehendi Is Dark And Beautiful


Every bride is incomplete without getting beautiful henna designs imprinted onto her hands and feet. Henna or mehendi application has a lot of significance and thus is considered as one of the most important rituals. It is also believed that the darker the mehendi the more your husband is going to love you. So if you don’t want to take any chances with the end colour of your henna and want to get your Mehendi to turn deeper and darker, then keep in mind some of our best tricks and tips for getting the deepest colour ever.

1. Start with clean hands- Before you sit down to get henna applied onto your hands make sure that your hands are absolutely clean. If you have applied some sort of lotion or oil prior to the mehendi application wash them with soap and warm water to get rid of all the traces of lotion or the oil.

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2. Sugar and lemon mixture- This one is already very popular and is known by almost everyone, but this list would have been incomplete without putting it in here. So post application once the mehendi starts to dry, apply a mixture made with sugar and water onto your palms or mehendi. The sticky solution will ensure that the mehendi doesn’t get peeled off from your hands and stay put for longer.

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3. Apply mustard oil- Thirty minutes before you decide to remove your mehndi apply a generous amount of mustard oil onto your palms. The mustard oil will ensure that the mehendi comes off easily and the warmth of the mustard oil will also help the mehendi to darken a bit more.

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4. Don’t wash off your mehendi- The worst thing that you can do while taking off your mehndi is to wash it off with water. The correct way to remove your mehendi is to either rub your palms together to scrub of the mehendi or you can also use a butter knife to scrape off the mehendi. The moment you remove your mehendi it will be bright orange in colour. But don’t sweat over it because it will get darker as the time passes.

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5. Don’t go out in the sun- During your mehendi application, avoid sitting in the sun as this will make your mehendi dry faster than the usual. In order to get the darkest colour out of your Mehendi, you need to let it dry on its own.

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6. Apply Vicks- Get your mehendi applied at such a time so that you can take it off at the night. So once you have scraped off the mehendi from your hands slather your hands with Vicks or iodex and then go to sleep. The warmth from the ointment will make the colour get deeper.

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7. Gloves- Heat or warmth can make a huge difference in the colour of your mehendi. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sit in front of the heater toasting your hands. All you need is some warmth. Once you have applied the vicks or iodex on your hands slip on a pair of gloves and go to sleep. The warmth from the ointment, combined with the gloves will help you achieve the darkest and deepest colour.

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8. No waxing or scrubbing- Waxing and scrubbing sessions are meant to be done before the mehendi application and not after it. If you wax or scrub your hands after the mehendi application the colour will get worn out quickly and will ruin it completely.

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9. Stay away from water- The best way to get the deepest colour out of your mehendi is to keep your hands out of the water as much as possible. We do understand that there are some important tasks that you need to get done such as brushing your teeth, using the washroom, washing your face, etc. but for these things you can take help from your sister, mother or friends. You can also wear latex gloves and do your business easily without getting the water on your hands. But keep in mind not to wear these for too long as your hands might start to sweat.

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