8 Trending Chrome Nail Polish Ideas You Can’t Miss



Have you heard about the latest chrome nail trend? If not, then we are here to update you about this latest nail polish trend. This is the fresh trend in the beauty industry. And this nail polish trend is mostly seen on the ramps and looks super sexy when applied. These nails are basically described as metallic, super shiny nail paints which look amazing because of its reflective nature.

Here are a few trendy chrome nail polish ideas that you can try:

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1. Pink chrome nails

Pink chrome nailsImage Source: instagram

These chrome nails are usually baby pink in colour. They give a fresh and feminine look to your outfit. Just add some chrome glitter to your regular nail polish and look amazing.

2. Ombre chrome

Ombre chromeImage Source:  ytimg

Don’t know what to choose? Gold or silver. Then, go Ombre. Start with gold colour moving upward and then move with silver colour on the tips. You can also use other shade in place of gold.

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3. Rose gold

Rose goldImage Source:  ebayimg

This chrome nails look classy when applied. And if you add stones to it then can add 3D effect to your nails.

4. Metallic red chrome

Metallic red chromeImage Source:  pinimg

This nail polish trend can add glam to your look. This nail polish art involves colouring of two nails with red chrome and the other two with silver and then decorating them with rhinestones which look super-hot and bold.

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5. Holographic chrome

Holographic chromeImage Source:  shopify

This is a trend that everyone wants to try because it is colourful, stylish and classy. And the best part there are many things available in the market to get this style like cellophane or foil of holographic.

6. Copper chrome

Copper chromeImage Source:  planetzuri

This is the most loved shade in chrome nails. It requires a lot of attempts but looks amazing when it’s done and adds glam to your look.

7. Metallic blue

Metallic blueImage Source:  pinimg

This nail polish looks fab when applied and it is the best suited for the theme based parties. Adding tiny sea creatures’ stickers to the nails will make everyone go gaga over it.

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