6 Haircare Myths That One Needs To Bust ASAP!


Haircare is a very old concept but doing it in the right way is a very tricky part to grasp. Most of the times our hair are exposed to the harsh polluted whether and irregular hair styling which often leads to breakage. And when it comes to hair care there are various things about it which are a total myth and one should not believe in them.

Here are the few popular haircare myths that you should stop believing in:

1. Daily shampoo is crucial

Daily shampoo is crucialImage Source:  wikihow

This is one of the biggest myth in the world to shampoo daily to get beautiful hair. In reality, it increases the production of oil in your hair which makes your hair greasier. Always use shampoo in a diluted form and less often to avoid damage.

2. Frequent trims make your hair grow faster

Frequent trims make your hair grow fasterImage Source:  salondartisteny
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Trimming hair cannot help in hair growth till you have split ends. And if you regularly trim your hair even without having split ends it will not help in hair growth as there is no co-relation between the two.

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3. Colouring makes your hair grey

Colouring makes your hair greyImage Source:  simonethomas

Colouring the hair has nothing to do with the gray hair as colouring them externally will not make your hair go gray prematurely. If you already have gray hair will show up irrespective of whether you have coloured or non-coloured hair.

4. Blow dry makes your hair rough

Blow dry makes your hair roughImage Source:  worldssl

It is true that blowing hair hampers the texture of your hair. But there are few treatments that work effectively when heat is applied to your hair. So, if you blow dry your hair when wet can actually help in making the products work effectively.

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5. Conditioner makes your hair oily

Conditioner makes your hair oilyImage Source:  shpilki

Conditioner works best for the dry hair and it is best to avoid it when don’t have a dry scalp. A conditioner is always supposed to be applied on the tips and not on the scalp. So, applying conditioner doesn’t make your hair oily but the way you apply it makes your hair greasy.

6. Layers make your hair fall out

Layers make your hair fall outImage Source:  i.ytimg
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It is believed that trimming your hair in layers makes your hair thinner and leads to hair fall which is nothing but a myth. Hair fall is dependent on the internal factors like hair follicles and the diet of a person.

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