Amazing Makeup Hacks To Cover Acne And Pimples


Pimples, acne, zits and other skin problems are common nowadays. And to treat them, many people go under skin treatment and other medical treatments. But most of the times the results are not the one that we desire. And if an important party or occasion is near and you want to look your best on that day and don’t know what to do with your skin. Well, now you don’t need to worry as we have found some simple solution to all your problems by using these amazing makeup hacks.

Please scroll down to unveil a few makeup hacks!

1. How to cover a pimple with concealer and foundation?

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A pimple sometimes can be very messy especially the popped one. Using concealer alone cannot help to look perfect. In this situation, you need to apply concealer with liquid foundation using a stipple brush. And believe me, this makeup hack is surely going to work.


• First, make a boundary around your pimple. Make sure it light.
• Now, take a drop of liquid concealer on the stipple brush and then apply it on the boundary.
• Then, using the stipple brush cover the pimple with the liquid foundation.

2. How to cover zit with concealer and tinted moisturizer?

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When you are trying to cover the zit with makeup then you need to be extra cautious as it can lead to an injury. For this quick hack, you will need two things: concealer and tinted moisturizer.


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• The best cosmetic for zits is the tinted moisturizer with stick foundation.
• First, take a concealer lighter than your natural skin tone.
• Then, apply it on your zit and the skin around it.
• After that, cover the entire zit with tinted moisturizer.
• You can use your figures to apply moisturizer.

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3. How to cover whiteheads with concealer and powder foundation?

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Whiteheads and blackheads are something that can ruin your entire makeup look. But now you can cover it up with this quick hack using a small eyeliner brush.


• For this hack, you will need an old eyeliner brush. Clean it nicely before using it.
• Now by using the eyeliner brush apply a dot on the whitehead.
• Then, use your fingers to dab it on and around your pimple.
• Take a fluffy brush and dip it in the powder foundation and now apply it on your face.
• Make sure that the concealer is set properly on your face.

4. How to cover acne with concealer?

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If you have acne or pimple spots then this magical cosmetic known as concealer is alone enough to cover all of it.


• First, spot acne on your face.
• Now, with your concealer stick, mark an X on it.
• Then, use your fingers to spread it all over the acne.
• Remember not to rub it.
• Just pat with a dry tissue if you feel like there is extra makeup on your face.

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