6 Incredible Banana Benefits for Men You Should Keep in Mind


Do you remember the old saying that an apple a day keeps doctor away? There is definitely some truth in it. Eating fruits every day is the primary step for a healthy life. When it comes to a man’s health, bananas a day might not only keep the doctor away, but also help improve your overall wellness.

Banana is a tropical fruit which has proven to be an excellent food for men in bedroom. Bananas are also very rich in energy and nutrients, even bananas are strongly believed to improve mood, elevates oxygen flow in the body and, improve performance in the bed. Many people know that bananas have very high potassium content and definitely good for the health of heart and nerves. Also, tryptophan, a serotonin building blocks, in bananas is believed to be an effective mood enhancer and as mild sedative.

Bananas are also packed with manganese and magnesium. Do you know many men are often deprived of these two important minerals? These minerals are fully functional for prostate health, a small gland in the male pelvis which is a part of reproductive system.

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Bananas have been well-known to improve sexual health and performance. Why they can? Because bananas have high b vitamins and bromelin, both of these have been found to regulate sexual and crucial hormones which may increase sexual power, sexual function, and virility

Banana benefits for men in bedroom


When do you and your partner plan a relationship? If the bed plan has already been made, you should consume bananas just a few hours before meeting your partner.

As mentioned above, bananas has the ability to improve mood, increase oxygen flow in the body, and with the assistance of bromelin vitamins in bananas, might even increase libido. In addition to consuming bananas for virility and health of men while in bed, it should be also balanced with regular exercise.

Other health benefits of banana for men

  1. Promotes heart health


According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart diseases are the leading causes of death in adults in the US. It is your responsibility to take care of your heart, and bananas can definitely help you with that. They are packed with potassium which helps keep the heartbeat normal. A banana also contains fibers, which has been found to help prevent heart diseases. Potassium in banana and their low-sodium content help keep blood pressure low as well.

  1. Good source of fiber
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Fiber is not only good for your heart but also helps keep your digestive system running properly. Whether you are meeting people on the golf course or going to attend a big business meeting, you do not want sluggish digestion to slow down. Eating food rich in fiber helps keep the bowel movements regular, and one banana a day provides twelve percent of fiber you require. Fiber also helps you keep full for longer after having your meal, decreasing the chances that you will overeat and make it easier to maintain healthy weight.

  1. Improves mood and manages stress


Banana contains the amino acid tryptophan, which is changed to serotonin in the body. Serotonin helps elevate your mood and keep it positive, so one banana a day might help fight depression. If you are stressed, your body depletes the supply of potassium quickly. Since one banana has about 400 mg of potassium, consuming one per day may help you keep healthy during stressful period.

  1. Boosts the immune system


Bananas are very rich in vitamins B-12 and B-6, which help keep the immune system in men strong and healthy. B vitamin also helps keep the nervous system working properly. Eating one banana a day may also help you quit smoking. Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 in banana work along with potassium and magnesium to facilitate nicotine withdrawal very quickly.

  1. Improves libido


Banana benefits for men include a wide range of health benefits as these fruits are packed with nutrients. Potassium, an important nutrient in banana, not only helps boost the production of testosterone, a male sex hormone, but also improves the libido. Tryptophan present in a banana helps increase secretion of serotonin, an important hormone which lifts mood and boosts the sex drive in men.

Magnesium and manganese in bananas enhances prostate health and promotes the overall functioning of the reproductive organs to their maximum. Bananas are the best source of bromelain and vitamin B which regulates hormone testosterone and increases sexual desire, performance, and virility. Bananas being an excellent source of carbohydrates, boost energy level and increase blood circulation to male reproductive organs and helps improve libido.

It is a breeze to peel and eat bananas. They are easy to pack away, and you need not have to worry about crumbs, so they are an ideal snack to have on the go. Want to perform in the bedroom? Bananas can fulfill your desire. Boost your sexual performance and overall health with the help of banana.

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