Beat Stress the Beautiful Way – Here is How!!


Are you feeling stressed over anything? Have you had a fight with your BF and now feeling like hitting to the wall hard? Ok, don’t be furious now and read this piece of article with utmost attention. Why? Because today I will tell you some beautiful ways to beat stress and they will help you feel and look better. Yes you read right! So read on to discover some amazing ideas that my crazy head has brought for you and enjoy better results. Plus, you would be saving money by doing this.

These are some ideas that are sure to win your heart….

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Indulge in a Massage!

I know massage would be the last thing that you would prefer to do in this situation, but what if I tell you that the outcomes will be gorgeous. Yes, check out your fridge first, and tell me what fruit you have got. Banana, papaya, orange, avocado? Take out one and mash then apply some to your face, and massage. Wash and see the beautiful results. And you haven’t noticed that your anger has finished while doing that!

Manicure would Help you Feel Better

A manicure appointment with a beauty parlor is what I am talking about? No, I am talking about you only. Grab one big utensil in which you can easily dip your hands. Now grab some lemon juice, some salt, some soap solution and soak your hands in the warm water. Sit there for 15-20 minutes and think about those beautiful moments that you have spent with your BF. Now, since your anger has subsided, scrub your hands gently then wash with clean water. Apply some moisturizer and your kissable hands are ready!

Get Ready for No Reason

Who say that you can get ready only if you have some party to attend? You can look beautiful when you want and wish. So grab your vanity box and try the new lip shades and new liners. Match with different clothes and have fun. Then along with that, plan which dress you would wear on your another date? Till now your anger might have vanished, so continue doing that with a smile on your face!

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Try and Smile!

Last but not the least, smiling face is necessary to fight all the tensions and so you must begin smiling vnow so that you can get over your bad mood. Now call the person with whom you had a fight and clear out all the doubts!

So have fun and stay beautiful!!

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