Before your Wedding – Ask These Questions!!


Are you getting married within a few months and are making preparations for the same? Well gals, do you know there are a few things that you need to consider before you say ‘you do’ to your prince charming. Marriage is a wonderful relation, no doubt, but a wrong decision can lead to serious disastrous that cannot be repaired again. Ok, I am not threatening you or what, but yes just asking you to keep these things in mind so that you get prepared for the best time in your life 🙂

So ask yourself these questions before getting hooked and I can assure you a prosperous married life after…

  • Are you Ready in all Prospects?


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This is not only about the age; I mean this does not make any sense that you get married because you are 24! Unless your mind and body is not ready for the change, don’t mess up your life. Make sure you are completely ready for the decision and take it independently without any pressure. Or else you will be cursing people all through your life!

  • What is your Financial Status?


These days there is no difference among men and women (yes in few sectors), like your job and financial status for that matter? And before getting married, you too need to make sure that you are financially stable. These days, guys want a partner that can help him and family equally. So, hope you would not want to be tortured for some dahej and do not want to be called as simply useless fellow right?

  • Are you in Love or Doing it Because of…


…the society or family pressure! If you like the guy just because you think your age is increasing and you would not get one good and eligible groom for after a year or so, then you definitely need help. Take your time to know the person or else you will ruin your life.

  • Are you Aware of the Changes and Ready to Accept them?


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Once you will be married, there would be a lot many expectations from you and so you must ask – am in ready for the changes? Can I adapt them? If yes then go ahead, if not then re-think! Doing something for the rest of your life that you dislike by all your heart is simply stupid and painful!

I hope you now understood the clearer picture of this, all the best for your wedding bells 🙂

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