Benefits Of Charcoal Mask And How To Use It?


Activated charcoal is a popular name in the beauty world. You will find activated charcoal in products ranging from facial cleansers and shampoos and to soaps and scrubs.

It is believed that activated charcoal can control impurities from the skin, activated charcoal has become an amazing ingredient in face masks.

When you are looking to cure acne and improving complexion, here is a brief look at how activated charcoal might benefit the skin.

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What is activated charcoal?


Activated charcoal is called as activated carbon and it is a black powder that is produced when charcoal is exposed to elevated temperatures. The exposure creates internal spaces and small holes in the charcoal, making it a great absorbent that tends to absorb toxins and chemicals.

Since it is a kind of charcoal, activated charcoal differs from other charcoal used on a grill.

Benefits of the charcoal mask


Because of the limited scientific study on skin benefits of activated charcoal, several potential benefits of charcoal masks are based on limited evidence.

A charcoal mask has the following benefits.

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Remove impurities from the skin


Due to activated charcoal’s power to absorb toxins and harmful bacteria from the body, several skin experts say that charcoal face mask may remove impurities from the skin

Few Evidence shows that eliminating the trapped dirt and bacteria from the skin by using the charcoal face mask would lead to and clearer and healthier complexion.

Cures acne


Acne is caused by the accumulation of oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria which are trapped in the pores of the skin. Acne-causing bacteria trigger inflammatory lesions and pimple, resulting in swelling redness, and irritation.

The antibacterial property of activated charcoal helps in removing bacteria from skin pores. It helps in reducing acne and thereby improving the complexion of skin

Treats insect bites


Insect bites and stings cause the skin to itch and swell. According to reports, activated charcoal helps in taking the sting out of insect bite by neutralizing toxin in insect venom.

Controls excess production of oil in skin


Excessive production of oil in the skin can be a serious problem for young and teenagers and young who are facing hormonal changes in skin and body. When a charcoal face mask is applied to the skin, it helps in absorbing the excessive oil production, balancing sebum levels, and ensuring anything above required oil secretion is addressed. Do not use it frequently for dry skin.

How the charcoal mask is used?

  1. Clean the skin before applying the charcoal mask. A clean face helps the charcoal mask to penetrate the pores.
  2. Then apply a charcoal mask uniformly on the face, including the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.
  3. Massage the charcoal mask on the skin using the soft-bristled brush or fingertips. Do not mix the charcoal mask into the eyes.
  4. Allow the charcoal mask to get dry on the skin for 15 minutes, and then rinse it off with slightly warm water.
  5. Finally, gently dry the face skin, and then apply the facial moisturizer on the skin.

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