10 Health Benefits Of Climbing Stairs Daily


Exercising is an important part of our lives, and all of us should attempt to have at least 20 minutes of any exercise on a daily basis to stay healthy longer. Human body was never made for sedentary lifestyle. While there are several gyms which have the best professional equipment as well as space to indulge in some good work out, you could save some money and time and just work out at your convenience at home. You could involve in something as simple as flight of stairs to get an amazing workout. It is not only that very simple, but also has several benefits.

Health benefits of climbing stairs

1. Weight loss


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There are definitely many amazing benefits of climbing the stairs for your weight loss. Just go down and up the stairs for 10 minutes every day to get into a good work out and to prepare your body shed some extra weight and provides you energy.

2. Tones the body


Your body as well as stamina would improve gradually as you get in the daily habit of climbing the stairs. Your muscles will start getting toned, and the body shape would become even more firm as well as improved. When these come to climbing stairs, at least 20 minutes must be your goal on a daily basis.

3. Good for blood pressure


Climbing stairs definitely ensures better heart health and lowers blood pressure as well as it helps to clear the arteries. This would finally improve the heart rate besides boosting the overall health with even better blood flow.

4. Lowers risk of mortality


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 Climbing the stairs provides much good exercise for your body which your overall health will tend to improve. Simply starting slow will ensure that you form a habit of climbing the stairs, getting the daily exercise and then lowering the rate of mortality.

5. Mental health


Even the mind becomes refreshed when your body pumps the blood and you get an excellent adrenaline rush from the simple practice of climbing the stairs. The risks of developing mental health issues go down significantly. Anxiety and stress will not seem so overwhelming after your body is in good shape.

6. Builds stamina


Initially, you might experience leg cramp and some bearable pain, however the more you do it, the better your stamina would become in long run. You would soon find yourselves energized and would be able to do so much more than what you thought possible as far as physical activities are concerned.

7. Diabetes


Climbing stairs improves the blood pressure and blood sugar levels as well as helps in keeping away the symptoms of diabetes. Also, any weakness which the problems bring with it would be minimized if you maintain the daily habit of climbing the stairs.

8. Fights headaches


Studies have revealed that climbing stairs would help bring great results when it is concerned about fighting against the dreaded headaches. This might be because it overall improves overall flow of the blood, which makes it little difficult for the knots to form in tender nerves which cause headache.

9. No extra expenses


By choosing to climb the stairs, you are getting the amazing benefits of body work out which you could get in the gym. The best part is that you aren’t paying anything. Climbing the stairs is very convenient and could be done at your house or any apartment complex without requiring to burning any holes in the pockets.

10. Requires no skills


Some people find it a little difficult to work out as they aren’t sure if they will be capable of doing the moves required. For climbing the stairs, you do not have any such kind of thoughts or fear in your mind. It is too easy and everyone could easily benefit from climbing the stairs on a daily basis as long as they aren’t suffering from any problems with the legs.

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