13 Awesome Benefits of Ghee For Hair


Our hair is exposed to numerous hair care products practically. From conditioners, shampoos, to serums, there are many brands that keep launching newer products claiming that these are great for the hair. And we are ready to experiment with these because who does not love a good hair? We are sure you want shiny and gorgeous hair for every occasion. And what if these tresses are only a step away? Yes! Ghee is an amazing ingredient to use on the hair!

Benefits of ghee for healthy hair

Here are some effective ways you can use ghee on the hair for a good hair Read on to explore how to pamper the hair with ghee.

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1. Provides conditioning


There are numerous ghee benefits for the hair. It is found to be an excellent conditioner. It has no added chemicals which make the hair rough and scalp cause damage. You may make your own conditioner by mixing two spoons of ghee with a spoon of olive oil. Use it after every wash to notice smoother and softer hair!

2. Detangles hair


Tangles in the hair are very annoying. They are also harmful! Tangled hair is prone to thinning and breakage. Also, ghee for the hair could help you look occasion-ready. Use it on your hair just after washing it, to detangle and smoothen the hair. Say hello to more smooth hair!

3. Rejuvenates the scalp


Massaging the hair and scalp with ghee is another way to get frizz-free locks. A massage is also relaxing – something that would definitely help you relieves all kinds of stress. Massaging your scalp could be very relaxing and also helps calm down your senses. It increases blood circulation in the scalp which helps maintain health of the hair. Mix properly equal parts ghee and coconut oil and massage the hair with this mixture. It is more nourishing than applying just oil.

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4. Detangles frizzy hair


It feels annoying and painful whenever you attempt to detangle your frizzy hair. And it is so depressing when after every detangling session; you notice hair fall. The hair is more prone to thinning and breakage when it is frizzy. Ghee acts as the ultimate natural solution to get rid of frizz and roughness. The moisturizing property of ghee improves the texture of the hair and also makes it shiny and bouncy.

5. Prevents split ends


Frequent use of hair care products that are high in chemicals, under-nourishes the hair and causes split ends. Ghee is rich in nutrients such as vitamin D, A, K2, and E, and works perfectly in terms of nourishing and repairing your damaged hair.

6. Improve your hair texture


In order to have stylish looks, we involve in a lot of experiments like straighteners, sprays, hair colours, and serums. They serve the purpose by giving us a desired look. But such products cause permanent damage by completely damaging hair texture and leading to hair loss. Ghee has the power of reviving the lost shine and improving the hair texture in no time.

7. Controls hair fall


Use ghee for hair growth and notice great results. Ghee is very rich in Omega 9 and Omega 3 fatty acids, along with the antioxidants, which help in skin cell growth. It also nourishes the scalp and prompts the hair growth. It makes your hair stronger and reduces hair fall, showing that ghee increases hair growth.

7. Treats scalp infections


Ghee has excellent medicinal value. It acts as an effective ingredient for scalp infections by removing the bacteria responsible for it. It also increases blood circulation, and treats unwanted skin issues, and cleanses the scalp.

8. Moisturizes your scalp


The hair loses moisture like the skin if they are not hydrated and moisturized. Lack of moisture makes the hair frizzy, rough, and finally leads to hair fall. It contains rich fatty acids, which nourish hair follicles and promotes hydration, keeping the hair moisturized and smooth.

9. Makes hair thicker


Ghee is rich in proteins and vitamins, applying it to the hair might help it feel like it has enough volume. If your hair strands are growing thicker can be difficult to know, but healthy hair is easier to style and might appear to have a little more volume because the strands of healthy hair are quite stronger. There have been no sufficient clinical studies to show that ghee could make the hair thicker.

10. Hydrates the hair


Lack of moisture is one of the biggest causes of dry, dull, and damaged hair. The rich fatty acids found in the ghee nourish the scalp and the hair follicles boost hydration, restoring the health of hair.

11. Provides shiny hair


Another amazing benefit of ghee for the hair is that it provides extra shine to the hair. If you want soft and shiny hair quickly for any occasion, use it on the hair for extra shine. Heat some ghee and apply on the hair. Let it stay there for around 20 minutes before you rinse the hair with slightly warm water. The results are awesome.

12. Makes hair stronger


Want strong hair which does not break when you use a hair dryer? Use ghee on the hair. A ghee on the hair and leave it overnight. Wash it off next morning with some onion juice.

13. Prevents premature graying


Many people say grey hair is a sign of wisdom however we know that premature greying could be nothing but annoying and embarrassing. Use ghee on the hair to get rid of the grey hair. Apply the hot ghee on the hair like the hair oil. Wrap the hair in a towel for about 15 minutes and finally wash it off with a mild shampoo. You will see the results in short time.

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