Why Peel-off Wax is Better Than Regular Wax


There is always the case in a lady’s life where you cannot delay a waxing appointment because you have run out of excuses. Everyone will agree that waxing. But let it be realistic; you know you need to get rid of unwanted hair at some point in time. What if someone tells you that you could now put these worries aside because the new rage available in the town is the no-strip wax or hard wax which promises to make the waxing concerns go away. Read on to know more about this process.

What is peel-off wax?

This process comes with a gel-like formula which helps get rid of the unwanted hair and also in this process, brightens up the skin. It is almost similar to a peel-off in which you simply need to use it with the help of a small brush and build it on the affected area to have thickness. Allow it to dry and peel gently from the skin.

Brazilian peel-off wax is less painful as compared to chocolate wax or wax. It is like using a good peel-off mask on the skin which removes even the smallest hair without much pain. The Brazilian peel-off wax has to be heated and then applied to the small area of skin with a clean spatula.

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How is peel-off wax better than regular wax?

No strips


This is definitely the best part of the peel-off wax. You do not have to use any strips at all! It means you can save some money and also avoid wastage of time.



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Unlike regular wax in which you pull the hair from the follicles using muslin strips or cloth, with peel-off wax, you simply peel off the gel-like product, which comes out easily unlike a regular wax where you need to put a lot of pressure.

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Removes tiny hair


This wax shrink wraps hair while hardening and it means it could remove even the small hairs which you usually cannot remove by the method of regular wax.

Special areas

Peel-off wax is an excellent process for a sensitive areas like a bikini line where you have hard hair. It is also great for your nice face since it is rather gentle to use.

Easy to use

To use Brazilian peel-off wax, it needs to be heated and then applied to a small area of skin with a clean spatula. After about 5-7 seconds, wax slowly hardens into a gel-like substance, making it very easy to pull from the skin. You could easily do this at your home and save yourself a visit to the salon. This is a choice suitable for bikini lines and also sensitive skin.

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How to prepare your skin for waxing

You have been waxing for many years now and you still quite fear the ritual—mainly because no matter how frequently you undergo this process, it still causes some amount of pain. If your skin is very sensitive and you also experience some level of redness and discomfort just after waxing, adding the prep steps to your skincare routine can be useful to you. Read below to know what they are.

  1. Gently exfoliate


Exfoliating before the waxing could be necessary but always remember not to do this just before booking a waxing appointment as it might make the skin more sensitive. Make sure that you scrub the skin just a day before waxing so that dead skin is removed and you can have a smooth wax.

  1. Avoid moisturizing on the day


We always focus on the fact that moisturizing the skin is crucial for the skincare. But know that waxing would be more difficult if your skin is slightly greasy. But to save the skin from turning sensitive after waxing, make sure that you moisturize a few days before the appointment.

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  1. Ensure hair growth is enough


It depends on the hair growth but an inch is necessary for waxing. When you do not have much fuzz, it becomes more difficult for the tiny hair to grow. So don’t be in a hurry to get waxed, wait for some amount of hair growth before going waxing.

  1. Don’t go outside in the sun


The UV rays can make matter worse for the skin and if the skin is sensitive, waxing just after you stepped out in sun could cause burning. So always make sure that you stay indoors before visiting the salon.

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