4 Vital Things You Need to Know about Bikini Wax


Bikini, the word itself has a charm, and yes oomph too. Isn’t it? The idea of getting your pubic hair waxed must have crossed your mind several times but you always just let it go perhaps for one reason or the other. The primary reason which most of the time made you give it a pass was the excruciating pain which is experienced by almost everyone. Since you are getting your hair uprooted it is obvious that you are going to experience pain, but it is not something you cannot handle.

You just need to be aware of the little details and your Brazilian wax session would turn into a much better experience. Below we have made a compilation of some of the facts which you must know before going for a Brazilian wax.

1. Choose a professional- The pain level can be different for different people as it depends on your pain threshold. But one fact which does affect the level of pain you experience during the process is the salon you choose. When you decide to get your hair ripped from down there always go to a reputed salon. You may have to pay a little more but it is always better to be sure than sorry. For down there, the hard strip-less wax is way better than the old school honey wax. The hard waxes are not sticky neither is there any chance of getting burned. The pain level also is less with the hard wax as compared to the strip wax. It is very important to get it done by a professional or else you may end up with bruised skin, ingrown hair and bumps.

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2. Lighten up the atmosphere- It is not every day, that you go out and lie naked from your waist in front of a stranger only to get the most private parts of your body epilated. Most of the people are not only worried about the pain but also about being naked in front of a stranger. Now you really can’t do anything about it so there is no use of sweating about it. In order to cut down the awkwardness, start making a conversation with the professional. This will divert your mind and you will feel less awkward. These people are professionals and they hardly care so should you.

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3. Reducing the pain- As I mentioned in the first point that the pain level may vary for different people but it is going to hurt quite a bit for almost everyone. In order to reduce the level of pain, you can take am over the counter painkiller. For some, drinking a glass of wine also steadies up the nerves a bit. Also, if you are uncomfortable at any point of time you can ask the aesthetician to stop. Avoid getting waxed before a week or during the time of your periods. Your body is extra sensitive during this time of the month and thus will lead to a higher amount of discomfort.

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4. Alternatives to Brazilian wax- The alternative to Brazilian wax is either shaving or using hair removal creams. But when compared, a Brazilian wax is the best option available for getting rid of your pubic hair. When you get your hair waxed they grow back after 3-6 weeks which is much more when compared to the other two options. The hair that grows back after Brazilian wax session is softer and finer as compared to the shaving and hair removal creams. The first session is quite painful but the pain starts to reduce drastically with each passing session. Shaving and hair removal creams may also cause ingrown hair, bumps and may also lead to skin darkening.

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Things to keep in mind:

  •  Before you head out to get your bikini area waxed, make sure that your pubic hair is at least a quarter-inch long.
  •  After your waxing session makes sure to lightly exfoliate that area in order to avoid ingrown hair.
  •  Avoid having sex, workout, and swimming for at least a day after getting waxed.
  •  Avoid wearing very tight clothes or fabrics that may create friction.
  •  Have a shower with cold water and moisturize the area well.

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