12 Health Benefits Of Pomegranate Peel


Pomegranate peel has several medicinal properties and also used to treat a number of ailments. It has antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties besides having many health benefits. Pomegranate peel is very rich in antioxidants and might detoxify the body, fight acne, and also prevent the wrinkles and the signs of aging, and cure cough and sore throat. Instead of throwing the peels, store these to get their amazing benefits. Read on to read the health benefits of pomegranate peel.

1. Prevents pimples, acne, and rashes


Pomegranate peel has several antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It could fight skin problems such as pimples, acne, and rashes. The peel is rich in several antioxidants and also helps in keeping the harmful bacteria and other diseases at bay.

2. Detoxify the body

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Antioxidants combat the toxic agents in body. So, a high antioxidant content of the pomegranate peel is an excellent tool to detoxify the body. Research on mice revealed that aqueous extract of the pomegranate peel might promote detoxification. This is very helpful in fighting various toxins which are present in body. Limited data is available to support this fact.

3. Prevents wrinkles


Exposure to the sun and the pollution cause premature aging. Different research shows that the pomegranate peel extract used with the seed oil boosts procollagen synthesis, inhibits the enzymes which break down collagen, and also promotes growth of the skin cells. So, it naturally delays skin aging and wrinkles.

4. Cures sore throat


Pomegranate peel relieves cough and is also used in the powdered form along with water as gargle to relieve sore throat. Several studies suggest that hydroalcoholic extract of the pomegranate peel has antibacterial properties which may help treat cough and sore throat.

5. Retains moisture


Little data is available to prove this point. Anecdotal evidence shows that ellagic acid found in pomegranate peel might prevent moisture in the skin cells from drying, so keep the skin hydrated. Also, pomegranate peel hydrates as well as protects the skin from the environmental toxins. It also restores its pH balance.

6. Prevents skin cancer


New research revealed that the pomegranate extracts have a preventive agent which prevents the onset of the skin cancer. The anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties of the pomegranate peel are considered to be very effective in the treatment of skin cancer. The pomegranate peel stops the cancer cell proliferation.

7. Rich source of vitamin C


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Vitamin C is found in high amounts in the pomegranate peel. Vitamin C is an excellent growth agent that helps heal wound and form scar tissues. It forms protein to build the body mass and is very important player in repairing and maintaining cartilage, teeth, bones.

8. Protects against heart diseases


Pomegranate peel is very rich in antioxidants which are capable of protecting LDL cholesterols against oxidation. It possesses vasculoprotective effects which prevent the heart problems. This is useful because the LDL cholesterol oxidation in the body could lead to harmful oxidative stress, which contributes factor toward heart diseases and other diseases.

9. Improves oral hygiene


Pomegranate peels are used in tooth powders and toothpastes. The peels have antibacterial effects which may help deal with a number of dental issues like gingivitis, caries, dental plaque, and mouth ulcers.

10. Boosts bone health


Pomegranate peels are very effective in minimizing the bone density loss. Consuming concoctions of the pomegranate peels helps boost the bone health and also prevent osteoporosis after menopause. The pomegranate peel is very rich in polyphenols, tannins, and flavonoids, and consumption of the extract as an effective dietary supplement is beneficial for bone health.

11. Improves gut health


The pomegranate peel has tannins which help reduce the inflammation of the intestines with anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the fruit peel helps in lowering the swelling due to hemorrhoids. Some evidence suggests that the pomegranate peel helps in stopping bleeding due to diarrhea and also improves overall digestive health. 

12. Controls hair loss and dandruff


The pomegranate peel extract has been used to prevent hair loss and controls dandruff. The antifungal property of the pomegranate peel reduces the hair loss caused due to fungal activity and also prevents dandruff.

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