5 Reasons to Include Wood Apple In Your Diet


Every one of us loves to eat fruits due to their delicious flavour and their health benefits. Fruits are known to boost our immunity system in the humans and also provide them a great healthy life. One of such amazing fruits with a large number of health benefits is wood apple.

Wood apple is generally pear shaped with diameter of 8-10 cm. It has thick and hard outer covering which does not open after ripening. The shell is woody, smooth, and green which also turns yellow after ripening. The fruit is gray-green and then turns into pale yellow after developing to complete size.

Benefits of wood apple

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1. Enhances digestion


Wood apple plays an important role in enhancing digestion. This fruit destroys all harmful parasites in our gut and is a great remedy for treatment of digestive problems. The laxative property of wood apple helps in preventing constipation, pain, and discomfort.

2. Promotes liver health


Wood apple is rich in beta carotene which is very good for the liver. Besides this, it also has thiamine that is a type of vitamin helpful for indigestion. Therefore, consuming wood apple every day can help to get rid of most of liver problems and also improves its overall functions to a great extent.

3. Takes care of your kidney health


Many essential nutrients in bael fruit have the ability to keep the kidney healthy. This helps the kidney to get detoxified in all natural ways. Hence, having this fruit might be too good for overall digestive systems. Drinking a glass of the wood apple juice on a regular basis or consuming raw wood apple could help achieve better kidney health.

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4. Provides relief from constipation


Have we ever thought that when you experience constipation frequently? It happens when the body lacks vitamin C. Lack of this vitamin can also make the immune system weak. Not only constipation, it could also make you weak in several other things. So, eating wood apple every day could offer you important health benefits and prevents constipation.

5. Regulates high blood sugar


Maintaining blood glucose level is very important for the overall healthy functioning of the body. Fluoride is an important factor that influences the blood glucose levels. Fluoride amount in drinking water increases the glucose tolerance of the blood leading to high blood sugar also known as fluoride-related hyperglycemia.

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