10 Best Indian Bridal Makeup Tips You Can’t Miss



The wedding day is the most awaited and special day for all brides-to-be. Needless to say, on this day, every bride wants to look stunning and beautiful as this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. But being a bride, how will you ensure to look best on this day? Well, for this we have shared some Indian bridal makeup tips that you can follow to look like a princess.

1. Match your makeup with your outfit

Match your makeup with your outfitImage Source: pinimg

Always pre-plan everything. Consult with your makeup artist and choose the look that goes well with your attire. Don’t make last minute changes.

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2. Choose correct foundation

Choose correct foundationImage Source: stellar

It is very important that you choose the right foundation for your makeup as no one wants to look dark and ghostly on their wedding day. So, it is suggested that you should choose a foundation that matches your skin tone.

Another tip, apply foundation that exposed areas like back, neck, hands, and ears. This will help in making your makeup look more natural.

3. Use a highlighter

Use a highlighterImage Source: i.ytimg

Always use a highlighter in place of shimmer and glitter. Your main goal is to make the skin appear glowing, not shimmery. Try to highlight your chin, nose bridge, forehead, and area around your face.

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4. Choose your own products

Choose your own products

The wedding is the best occasion to buy some new makeup stuff. Take out some time and explore some new brands and products that you need for makeup like dome extra lipstick shades or eyeshadows etc. Sort your products in sets for the day and evening time look.

5. Keep a check on the weather

Keep a check on the weatherImage Source: cloudfront

Weather plays a key role while deciding a makeup look. If you are having a wedding at night, then you can keep the makeup heavy and you can add more colors. On the other hand, if you have a wedding in the day time, then keep the makeup light and opt for more natural look.

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6. Choose correct lipstick shade

Choose correct lipstick shadeImage Source: youmeandtrends

Always choose a lipstick that will stay for longer period. As you will be left with no time for the touch-ups. And to avoid lip color staining, place your index finger in the mouth and gently pull it out to take out the excess lip color.

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7. Use clean brushes for makeup

Use clean brushes for makeupImage Source: amazon

Always try to use clean brushes for makeup to avoid infections caused by bacteria.

8. Eye makeup hack

Eye makeup hackImage Source: i.ytimg

Both gel and liquid liner provides excellent finish. Choose the liner carefully as applying liquid liner can be a tricky process for the lower lid. To keep the eye makeup in place you can apply a bit of translucent powder under your eyes.

9. Use fake eye lashes

Use fake eye lashesImage Source: i.ytimg

Use them before your wedding to ensure that you are comfortable with them. And you can also use a dark colored glue so that it matches your skin tone.

10. Fill up the brows

Fill up the browsImage Source: ghk.h

Always use brown and taupe shades to fill the brows. The best way to get natural looking brows is to use powder instead of pencils.

So, these were the few simple and effective Indian bridal makeup tips that will make you look stunning on your wedding day.


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