Beware Delhiites! Dengue and Chikungunya are Taking Hold of the Capital!


Ever since #delhirains was trending on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else, this new threat has caught hold of the capital. These vector-borne disease dengue and chikungunya are taking the form of an epidemic in the national capital. So far, 487 cases of dengue and 432 of chikungunya have been reported till Saturday and Monday. The alarming numbers of 176 fresh cases of dengue and 412 cases of chikungunya have been reported in this one week! 7 lives have been claimed by these vector-borne diseases.

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Hospitals are already running short of beds to treat the patients and so the lounges and other wards being deployed to treat the patients. There has been 25 percent rise in the mosquito-borne disease since the previous year owing to the heavy rains this year. Last month, an abrupt rise has been observed in the dengue cases with 368 of 487 cases reported in the single month itself.

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Many patients also showed some neurological symptoms and chest ailments apart from high-grade fever. This made their recovery even more challenging. Some patients even suffer from the cross-infections. They are suffering from typhoid and dengue simultaneously. Worst affected people are children and elderly. In case you or any of your family member is suffering from a high-grade fever with rashes on their body, don’t give them aspirin.

Aspirin has the blood-thinning property which can aggravate their condition. Consult a physician and go for a blood test immediately. The early the diagnosis is, better is the treatment.

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Chikungunya and Dengue, both are caused by the females of the same two species mosquito, namely Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus.

Here Are Some General Symptoms of Dengue and Chikungunya


  1.  High Fever
  2.  Severe headache
  3.  Pain behind eyes
  4.  Joint pain or muscle pain
  5.  Weakness
  6.  Nausea
  7.  Vomiting
  8.  Skin rashes after 2-5 days after fever
  9.  Mild bleeding from nose or gums.


  1.  High fever and chills
  2.  Headache
  3.  Nausea
  4.  Vomiting
  5.  Nausea
  6.  Joint pain
  7.  Rashes

The symptoms of dengue and chikungunya are more or less similar. So a proper medical examination can differentiate between two.

Some Home Remedies to Treat Dengue and Chikungunya


  1.  Consume Papaya leaf juice. Papaya juice rich in papain and Chymopapain improves the platelet count and immunity. Thus, it repairs the damage caused by the dengue.
  2.  Steep the neem leaves in some water and give it to the dengue patient for drinking. It increases the blood platelet count and white blood cells as well.
  3.  Fenugreek seeds are said to reduce the fever and it also eases the muscles and joint pain.
  4.  Orange juice is also beneficial for dengue patients. It helps to eliminate the virus due to rich antioxidant properties. It also boosts your immunity and releases the toxins from the body.


  1.  Try Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200C which is the number one homeopathic remedy for chikungunya. Take 6 drops at full strength for a month.
  2.  Take 40 drops of Echinacea divided into three daily doses to ease the symptoms of chikungunya and improve the immune system.

Please note that the abovementioned home remedies should be taken as a supplementary treatment. Do not rely solely on these home remedies for recovery.

On the other hand, the authorities are not coming forward and taking up the required measures to address the epidemic-like situation in Delhi. All the three civic bodies have failed to discharge their basic duties despite the fact that it is their responsibility to control the disease and proper fumigation.

Anti Dengue spray at one of the govt office at Paryaas buildingImage Source: indianexpress

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