7 Ultimate Bhringraj Oil Benefits You Should Know About


Everyone would do anything to get beautiful and healthy hair that looks perfect with time. But the golden rules of good hair care depend on doing simplest of thing from the comfort of your home.  Some simple daily habits could actually make a lot of difference – one of them is oiling the hair regularly.

Bhringraj is also called Kehraj in Assamese language and is a well-known medicinal herb which grows in the moist areas. As per Ayurveda, its leaf is considered to be an excellent powerful liver cleanser, and is generally good for hair. It is considered as ‘rasayana’ – an ingredient which not only rejuvenates but also slows down the ageing process. A person can buy Bhringraj oil available in market which is very often mixed with other herbs or you can make it at home. To make it at home, dry in the sun ground Bhringraj leaves for two-three days and put the dried rounds in a bottle of sesame oil or coconut oil. Leave it in the sun for another two-three days till the quicker color of oil changes to light green.

A faster of making bhringraj oil at home is to slightly heat powdered bhringraj leaves mixed with coconut oil and then store in a jar. The oil is dark green in color and has a unique aroma. Best way to use it to put it directly on scalp and let the roots absorb it for around 30 minutes and then wash it off. Bhringraj oil can also be used for treating different hair and skin problems.

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1. Prevents dandruff and dry scalp


Dermatologist says that bhringraj oil has some high specific gravity making it dense. This means that it can easily reach the scalp and helps in curing the dry scalp. To treat dry hair, rub it gently on your scalp, wrap steamed towel for around five minutes and then massage with more oil. This helps in more absorption and helps in activating sebaceous glands. Use warm oil to prevent dandruff and leave it overnight. Rub few drops of lime juice on the scalp before you rinse your hair.

Dry scalp can lead to dandruff and itching. However, using bhringraj oil might help in treating the issue because this oil has a specific gravity, which helps in penetrating deep into scalp and roots of hair. This effortless and quick absorption moisturizes scalp, thereby reducing conditions like dandruff.

2. Treats baldness


Bhringraj oil can help in curing baldness if used on a regular basis. Massage the oil on the scalp while going to bed. It helps improve the blood circulation at the root of hair absorbing more nutrients to support the hair growth.

3. Controls hair fall


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Bhringraj oil is well-known known for cooling effects and so it can help in relieving stress and in turn stress-linked hair loss. Bhringraj oil helps strengthen hair follicles. It is a natural therapy for preventing the hair loss. The herb has important nutrients which fulfill the deficiency of minerals which leads to uncontrollable hair loss thus promoting hair growth.

Stress may lead to many health issues and sometimes it can also cause hair loss. However, massaging your scalp and hair with the oil might help in dealing with hair fall issue that is linked to stress and many other such issues. Bhringraj oil not only possesses cooling properties but also contains vital nutrients which help in fostering hair follicles and hence preventing hair fall.

4. Promotes hair growth


Bhringraj oil promotes vasodilation which means widening of blood vessels, which improves blood flow to hair roots and so, promotes hair growth. It activates hair follicles, resulting in enhanced hair growth. Massage the oil in a circular motion for about 10 minutes and then leave it for at least one hour. One of the best bhringraj oil benefits is that this oil might help in stimulating growth of the hair. When you use this oil on the scalp and hair, it increases vasodilatation. This helps in providing more blood to hair roots. The improved blood circulation in turn activates the hair follicle, which further helps in enhancing hair growth.

5. Prevents hair greying

Bhringraj oil helps maintain the natural color of the hair. You can mix amla oil with the bhringraj oil and then massage on the scalp before going to bed. Leave it overnight and then rinse properly in the morning. This helps in delaying premature greying of the hair. A black dye extracted from its leaves is used for coloring the hair naturally.

6. Adds shine


Bhringraj oil improves the hair quality and gets rid of dandruff. Mix bhringraj oil with the coconut oil, shikakai, and amla to prepare a hair conditioner. This conditioner can be kept in a container and used for some period of time. This treatment nurtures scalp and makes hair stronger.

7. Helps in reducing hair fall


Stress leads to various health issues and it can cause hair loss. However, massaging scalp and hair with this magic oil might help in dealing with hair loss related to stress and other such problems. Bhringraj oil has cooling properties but also contains important nutrient which help in making the hair follicles strong and hence preventing hair fall.

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